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We have a proven track record of delivering advanced pigging and liquid transfer solutions that improve the efficiency, flexibility, productivity and profitability of beverage plants and processes.

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HPS pigging systems for food improve the competitiveness of liquid transfer operations by increasing yields, cutting waste, speeding up changeovers, optimising efficiencies, and much more.

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Chocolate and Confectionery

Our pigging systems are used worldwide in chocolate and confectionery manufacturing. They deliver high ROI through less waste, streamlined changeovers, decreased cross-contamination risks, and more.

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Engineering Companies

HPS works with many engineering companies to deliver pigging and liquid transfer systems on behalf of their clients. Pigging is often incorporated alongside other processing equipment as part of a larger scale project.

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With chemical compatible pigs and equipment, HPS has provided multiple chemical manufacturers with technologies that increase yields, reduce contamination risks, and improve product quality.

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Homecare and Household

From detergents to household cleaners, we’ve helped a wide range of manufacturers increase product yields, reduce changeover times and enhance process efficiency though pigging and liquid transfer solutions.

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Lubricants and Greases

HPS provides pigging systems for lubricants and greases. Our technology not only enhances yields and capacity in lubricant manufacturing but also reduces waste, boosts operational efficiency, and improves sustainability.

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Paint and Coatings

HPS pigging and liquid transfer systems for paint and coatings are helping manufacturers efficiently transfer raw product into mixing tanks, increase yields, minimise cross-contamination and accelerate changeovers.

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Personal Care and Beauty

Organisations in the personal care and beauty sector achieve significant gains from product recovery, waste reduction, and the quicker changeover times provided by HPS pigging and liquid transfer technology.

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Pet Food

HPS has a wealth of expertise in pet food manufacture. Our pigging and liquid transfer systems for pet food help improve processing speed, cut waste, minimise cross-contamination and improve efficiency.

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A wide variety of companies that process liquids use HPS hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery and transfer solutions.

We work with smaller diameter pipelines – typically pipelines with diameters of between 25 mm (1-inch) to 200 mm (8-inches). Although there are some exceptions.

From food, beverage and pet food, to homecare, paints and cosmetics, we’ve successfully helped thousands of manufacturers around the world increase yields, reduce waste, improve efficiency and transform their processes.

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HPS pigging systems work with many different liquids and products

Other Product or Sector?

If your company processes liquids, suspensions, pastes, slurries, emulsions and so on, there’s a good chance that HPS can design a pigging system for your product.

As well as the sectors shown above, we’ve used HPS pigging technology with a wide range of other products and improved their operational efficiency.

For example, other products we’ve provided pigging solutions for include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, slips, wood pulps and paper, even nuclear material!

Our philosophy is If you can pump it, we can pig it!

So if you pump product and want to gain the benefits of pigging, contact HPS!

The solution was simple to use. The HMI was customizable to suit our needs and everyone we dealt with from sales to parts to installation and programming was fantastic to work with.

Jeff Green, Log House Foods