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Pigging System Case Studies from HPS

Find Out How Our Product Recovery, Transfer and Pigging Solutions Work in Practice!

Liquid product recovery, often referred to as ‘pigging‘, is one of the most effective ways for companies that process liquids to increase yields, reduce waste and improve operational efficiency. A wide range of organisations throughout the world use HPS solutions as part of their processing operations every day.

Here are a selection of case studies from a variety of our customers in different industries. They provide practical examples of some of the different types of pipeline pigging and liquid transfer systems we’ve implemented, and insights into how our solutions benefit our customers.

Bespoke Solutions

All HPS solutions are bespoke, tailored to the precise requirements of each customer.  To find out more about pigging, product recovery and liquid transfer solutions for your organisation, and to request a free quote, please contact HPS.

Already an HPS Customer?

If you’re an HPS Customer, we’d love to write a case study on your project with us! It’s a great chance to share information, get some publicity for your company and help others in business. And of course, it’s free of charge. Please contact for more information.

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