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HPS are the world’s leading experts in hygienic (sanitary) pigging and transfer systems for pet food. Our proven solutions are used globally with pet food meat emulsion, slurry, animal feed, pet snacks, treats and other wet pet foods.

With extensive experience and unrivalled expertise in the pet food industry, HPS have a proven track record of helping pet food manufacturers throughout the world improve efficiency, optimise performance and transform their processes.

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Proven Success


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the amount in product alone a pet food processing facility is saving from an HPS pigging system.


the amount in product alone a pet food processing facility is saving on its 3-inch pouch making lines

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Increasing demand for pet food and animal feed has put pressure on manufacturers to improve plant efficiency, increase throughput and improve production capacity.

Safety concerns, increasing competition, pet food regulations and the threat of cross-contamination are also challenging pet food manufacturers.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges by providing advanced, high-performance, industry leading pigging and liquid transfer solutions that deliver transformational results for pet food processing and production.

From design, implementation, commissioning and aftercare, our proven product recovery (pigging) and liquid transfer systems can deliver significant return on investment for pet food companies.

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Case Studies

Improving the efficiency of pet food processing

HPS has worked with a variety of pet food manufactures to improve and automate product transfer, processing and packaging. Our pigging and automatic distribution (Rotomatrix) systems help increase processing speed, reduce waste, minimise contamination risks and improve overall efficiencies.

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Take your pet food processing to the next level

HPS has unrivalled knowledge, expertise and understanding in delivering fully customised pigging and liquid transfer solutions that improve the efficiency and performance of the pet food manufacturing process. You can rely on our many years of application expertise for the pet food industry.

We work in partnership with you to design a solution that meets your exact requirements and ensures proper specification and integration. Our world-leading technologies offer a wide range of benefits to pet food applications:

  • The removal of practically all traces of product residue from the pipeline (both low and high viscous products)
  • Higher product yields, reduced waste processing
  • Improved lot traceability and batch control
  • Reduced use of water and cleaning chemicals
  • Minimised product mixing, dilution and interface
  • Streamlined processing times, less plant downtime
  • Detectable hygienic (sanitary) pigs specially designed for pet food processing
  • Increased plant capacity, improved operational efficiency
  • Reliable preventation of cross-contamination
  • Plus many more

A pigging system is saving a pet food manufacturer roughly $42,000 AUS per year in product alone. This is in addition to savings from faster changeovers and reduced downtime, and savings from lower CIP and water usage