Pigging Systems for the beverage industry

HPS are the world’s leading specialists in hygienic (sanitary) pigging systems and liquid transfer solutions for the beverage industry. Our solutions are used worldwide with ingredients such as pulps and sugar syrups as well as products at their final stages of processing, including soft drinks, spirits, juices, beer, wines plus many more.

With decades of experience in the beverage industry, HPS offer industry-leading solutions that deliver transformational results for beverage processing and production.

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The amount an HPS pigging system is saving a beverage company a day


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An HPS pigging system increased product yield for a beverage company by 4% which equated to 48,000 extra cans

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Solving beverage  challenges

Volatile raw material costs, intense competition, sugar taxes, the demand for sustainably produced goods, changing customer preferences, concerns over safety and the need to meet hygiene requirements are typical challenges in the beverage industry.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges by providing innovative, cost-effective and high-performance pigging and liquid transfer solutions that transform the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your plant and processes.

From speeding up changeover times, saving water and cleaning fluid, to preventing contamination and saving tens of thousands of gallons of usable product each year, the benefits HPS systems deliver to beverage processing are extensive.

With a strong team and years of experience in beverage processing, no other process pigging company provides such technologically advanced solutions and application expertise for the beverage industry.

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Case Studies

Improving beverage manufacturing operations

HPS product recovery and pigging solutions are in wide use throughout the beverage and drink industry. They are helping to speed up changeover times, reduce water usage, prevent cross-contamination and lower the risks of dissolved oxygen uptake for manufactures, producers and processors of beverages.

Read Case Studies on Beverages

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Beverage manufacturers are extensive users of hygienic pigging systems, with many processes changing products and performing pipeline pigging operations many times a day.

No matter what your objective, HPS will work in partnership with you to understand your process and design a liquid processing solution that meets your exact requirements.

Our world-leading technologies offer a wide range of benefits to beverage applications:



  • Higher product yields, lower labour costs, less downtime
  • Significantly faster changeovers, increased uptime and improved product quality
  • Reduced waste and waste processing, water and cleaning fluid usage
  • Fast operation and massively reduced washout times
  • Reliable prevention of cross-contamination, product aeration and foaming
  • Fully detectable pigs manufactured from materials which meet the requirements of FDA regulations
  • Plus much more


The HPS pigging systems resulted in a clear increase in product yield, equating to 48, 000 extra cans per week

Robin Thompson, Coca-Cola