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Liquid Product Distribution Systems

HPS specialises in liquid product distribution and transfer systems which are suitable for processes with multiple sources, multiple destinations, or multiple sources and multiple destinations.

Specially designed and developed by HPS, the Automatrix Valve Manifold and the Rotomatrix Manifold, enable fully flexible product distribution and product recovery (pigging) from any source to any destination.

They are frequently used in multi-product processing facilities for mixing, filling and loading procedures and help to reduce the likelihood of costly mis-routing of product.

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Automatic Valve Manifold

The HPS Automatrix is an automatic valve manifold specially designed for both industrial and hygienic (sanitary) processes. The Automatrix provides production flexibility and fully automated source and destination selection from any product source to any destination.

If you transfer liquids from multiple sources to multiple destinations, and you want to do it as efficiently, safely, reliably, hygienically and quickly as possible while reducing contamination risks, then the HPS piggable Automatrix will meet your application needs.

Extremely flexible design options mean we can supply your Automatrix in either horizontal or vertical format, with virtually limitless scope for future expansion.

If you are looking for the speed, reliability and safety of full automation, want to get rid of ‘snake-pits’ of hoses or cumbersome manual valve matrices, find out more about the HPS Automatrix and click the button below:

Automatrix Automatic Valve Manifold

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Rotomatrix Piggable Manifold

The HPS Rotomatrix Piggable Manifold is a highly cost-effective system which enables the quick and reliable connection of pipelines from multiple sources to multiple destinations. It’s a manually operated system used in hygienic, sanitary and other process applications including wine, bottling plants, cosmetics, personal care, paint and many more.

Most importantly, it’s piggable.

The Rotomatrix Manifold offers fully flexible product distribution and enables full product recovery (pigging) from any source to any destination. In other words, the operator can select the source and destination, and the pig will travel all the way through. Quickly, safely, and reliably.

With a compact set of rotating arms that can be easily manoeuvred to the desired position, the Rotomatrix reduces the chances of sending product to the wrong destination. Interlocks ensure incorrect connections are almost impossible.

The HPS Rotomatrix is available in a wide range of sizes, with varying numbers of arms, sources and destinations to ensure it meets your requirements and HPS will design it to meet your precise requirements.

Rotomatrix Piggable Manifold

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HPS Product Recovery Solutions are the world’s leading experts in liquid transfer and distribution systems for industrial, hygienic and process applications.

With a wealth of expertise and vast experience, HPS is the natural choice for designing and manufacturing advanced liquid transfer solutions.

We have successfully implemented piggable valve manifolds and matrices globally for a wide variety of companies.


Our innovative liquid transfer technology offers optimum levels of performance, flexibility, efficiency, process speed, and safety, ensuring a continuous return on investment.

Whatever your requirements, our team of liquid product recovery experts will design and configure a solution tailored precisely to your transfer needs.