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As global leaders in hygienic pigging systems for food manufacturing, HPS delivers transformative solutions for companies that transfer liquids through pipelines.

Our food pigging technology is used worldwide in wide variety of production processes, including dairy, cheeses, sauces, dips, nut butters, and many more.

With decades of experience in the food industry, HPS designs and installs advanced pigging systems tailored to your exact requirements. Our innovative food pigging solutions help manufacturers worldwide transform operations.

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Beverage manufacturers face rising costs, competition, sustainability demands, changing preferences, and stringent safety requirements.

HPS solves these challenges through innovative automatic pigging systems tailored to transform beverage operations.

Whether it’s reducing the risks of contamination, streamlining changeovers and cleaning times, reducing water usage, or significantly maximising product yields, our solutions offer extensive benefits to food processing operations.

With over two decades experience in food processing, HPS has managed many large pigging and process automation projects for organisations in the food industry.

We’ve earned an unrivalled reputation for supplying high-quality, reliable pigging and liquid transfer systems that offer technical excellence and performance.

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Case Studies

Accelerating Changeovers, Increasing Yields: Food Pigging Success Stories

HPS pigging and liquid product recovery solutions provide high return on investment with rapid payback. The benefits of pigging for food manufacturers are substantial.

See first-hand results through our food pigging case studies. Discover how leading brands leverage HPS to increase yields, accelerate changeovers, drive operational excellence and bottom line savings.

Pigging Systems for Food Case Studies

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HPS designs and delivers tailored food pigging systems to meet your exact requirements. Our high-performance solutions integrate seamlessly to:

  • Increase yields and lower operating costs
  • Accelerate changeovers for maximised uptime
  • Reduce contamination risks and improve quality
  • Conserve water and cut cleaning chemical usage
  • Decrease waste generation and disposal

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No matter what your objective, HPS will work in partnership with you to understand your process and design a liquid processing solution that meets your exact requirements.

Partner with the experts in  hygienic pigging system to unlock the full potential of your food manufacturing operations. Reach out to HPS today and discover the transformative benefits our systems can bring to your facility.

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The pigging system recovers approximately 200 kilograms of good product per run that would otherwise go to waste or become effluent.

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Environmental sustainability in food production and processing is a priority for nearly all companies and organisations in the sector.

HPS pigging systems significantly improve the sustainability of food companies that pump or process liquid or ‘wet’ product. This is because they reduce water and CiP chemical usage, shorten rinse cycles and save product. Pigging also speeds up changeovers so saves energy. And because there is less waste to start with, waste treatment and transport costs are much lower.

HPS continues to develop ways to help food companies increase their environmental sustainability. If you want to know how to increase the sustainability of food processing using pigging technology please contact HPS.