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HPS is a global leader in hygienic (sanitary) pigging systems and liquid transfer solutions for the food industry. Our high-performance solutions are used worldwide in wide variety of food production processes, including dairy, cheeses, yoghurts, sauces, hummus and dips to soups, ready meals, desserts, oils, pickles, health foods and meat products.

With a wealth of experience in the food industry, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to design and install innovative, world-leading liquid processing solutions that deliver transformational results for food processing and production.

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Rising cost pressures, intense competition, the demand for sustainably produced goods, changing customer preferences, stringent hygiene requirements and the need for flexibility and high product quality are some of the challenges facing food manufacturers.

HPS’s focus is to help solve these challenges by providing innovative and cost-effective pigging solutions that help food manufacturers reduce the risks of contamination, lower product change over and cleaning times, save water and cleaning fluids, increase yields and improve the competitiveness of food processing operations.

With over two decades experience in food processing, HPS has managed many large pigging and process automation projects for organisations in the food industry.

We’ve earned an unrivalled reputation for supplying high-quality, reliable pigging and liquid transfer systems that offer technical excellence and performance.

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transforming food processing operations

HPS pigging and liquid transfer solutions provide high return on investment with rapid payback. The benefits pigging delivers to food manufacturers are significant, from speeding up changeover times and reducing waste to increasing production capacity and lowering water usage.

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tailored pigging solutions for food processing

From design to implementation, commissioning and after-sales support, HPS pigging and liquid transfer solutions are tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Our high-performance solutions are designed to meet the maximum microbiological, hygienic and sanitary levels of cleanliness, while ensuring high levels of safety, efficiency and reliability. HPS technology is particularly suitable for food applications due to many advantages:


  • Increased product yields, lower labour costs and less downtime
  • Specially designed valves that meet stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements
  • Hygienic (sanitary) fully detectable pigs manufactured from food grade silicone polymer which meets the requirements of FDA regulations
  • Significantly faster changeovers and improved product quality
  • Higher capacity and increased production flexibility
  • Reduced risks of cross contamination
  • Reduced waste and waste processing, decreased water and cleaning chemical usage
  • Plus much more


The pigging system recovers approximately 200 kilograms of good product per run that would otherwise go to waste or become effluent.

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