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If you work for a company that processes food, beverages, confectionery, cosmetics, personal care or household products, chemicals, pet food, paint, coatings, industrial lubricants or just about any other liquid or wet product, HPS can help you.

HPS technology will increase your yields and capacity, reduce your use of energy and resources, cut waste, improve your operational efficiency along with your environmental sustainability

HPS is one of the longest established, most trusted and experienced pigging companies. We’ve been in business since 1995, and have successfully implemented thousands of hygienic (sanitary) pigging systems and liquid transfer solutions throughout the world.

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With our decades of experience and a proven track record, HPS are the natural choice for all of your pigging needs, setting the standards for best industry practices.

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Benefits of Pigging

Why You Should Consider Pigging Systems

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High Return on Investment (ROI)

If you choose an HPS pigging solution, your savings will pay back the initial cost of the system in a few months and increase your profits for many years after that.

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Increased Product Yields

Because pigging recovers nearly all residual product in pipelines instead of it being wasted, it significantly increases your product yield.

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Pigging cuts waste, reduces water usage, lowers chemicals and related transport and disposal costs. So, the environmental benefits of pigging are significant.


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High ROI, Low Waste

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HPS hygienic or sanitary pigging systems deliver a high return on investment (ROI). This is because HPS technology saves product that you would otherwise discard as waste.

HPS pigging systems will also reduce your use of energy, water and cleaning fluids, saving you money and reducing waste even more. And because HPS pigging technology saves product, energy and other resources while reducing effluent and its associated treatment, transport and disposal costs, pigging is also great for improving your company’s environmental sustainability.

Pigging also has additional benefits such as reducing flushes and the clean in place (CIP) cycle, speeding up change over times, lowering contamination risks and improving operational efficiency.

What Is Pigging?

Soft drink manufacturer pigging case study image

Case STudy

saving a soft drinks manufacturer $31,500 a day

Here’s how much pigging can save. This pigging system is also speeding up changeover times, reducing energy and water usage, lowering waste handling and disposal costs and improving production efficiency.

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Key Industries

Benefitting from HPS Technology

Hundreds of organisations around the globe successfully use HPS product recovery and pigging technology to improve
their processes. We’re probably the world’s most trusted and respected pigging company.

Our best-practice pigging technology helps companies in a wide variety of industries improve their productivity, profits and environmental sustainability through pipeline pigging.

These include process, hygienic and sanitary applications used to manufacture products such as ready meals, sauces, chocolate, confectionery and candy, soft drinks and sodas, wines and spirits, pet foods, cosmetics, toothpastes, lotions, lubricants, edible oils, water and solvent-based paints, varnish, household liquids and many, many more!

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Proven Solutions. Technical Excellence.

From foods and beverages to paints and cosmetics, thousands of companies trust HPS pigging technology.

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Liquid Process System Experts

From initial advice to design, commissioning and after-sales support, HPS leads the way in technical expertise and experience of liquid processing systems. We can solve any liquid product recovery challenge, no matter how complex.
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Industry Proven Pigging Solutions

HPS pigging equipment is proven, and unlike many other systems was designed specifically for process and hygienic applications. It’s also designed and manufactured to the highest standards and is among the most advanced in terms of effectiveness, performance and capabilities.
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Extensive Experience in Pigging

HPS has over 28 years’ experience providing product recovery and product distribution solutions to companies that pump or process liquids.
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Unrivalled Customer Care

Customer service is what makes HPS the best in the business – everything we do is to delight you, the customer.