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We work with organizations throughout Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries to reduce flush waste, water usage, change-over times and carbon footprint.

From food and beverage manufacture to paints and cosmetics production, we’ve successfully implemented thousands of sanitary pigging and liquid  transfer system systems throughout the world.

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HPS leads the way in modern, high-tech Liquid Product Recovery Technology.

Our expert team is on hand to solve your biggest liquid processing challenges with automated pigging systems proven to deliver rapid returns.

An HPS pigging system will give you tangible benefits, significant savings, ongoing return on investment and improved sustainability.

Unlock the full potential of your liquid processing by harnessing proven pigging technology today.

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More than JUST Pigging!

As well as pigging solutions, we also provide automatic product transfer and distribution systems that massively increase process efficiencies while saving product, resources, time and labour.

Often used in Australia and New Zealand wineries, they’re also used in paints, coatings, foods and other applications.

Like HPS pigging equipment, our product transfer and distribution solutions are uniquely designed around your specific needs and requirements.



With our decades of experience and a proven track record, HPS are the natural choice for all of your pigging needs, setting the standards for best industry practices.


WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER hps advanced pigging systems

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If you choose HPS advanced pigging technology, your savings will pay back the initial cost of the system in a few months and increase your profits year-on-year.

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Because pigging reclaims nearly all the residual product from pipelines instead of it being wasted, it significantly increases your product yield and capacity.

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reduced waste

HPS high-tech, modern pigging solutions massively reduce product waste and the associated costs. In addition, pigging streamlines cleaning and changeovers, so there’s less production downtime.

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Pigging reduces waste, decreases water usage, minimises chemicals and related transport and disposal costs. So, the environmental advantages of pigging are substantial.


Benefits of Pigging

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