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PIGGING SOLUTIONS for chocolate and confectionery

HPS are the world’s leading specialist in hygienic (sanitary) pigging and transfer systems for chocolate and confectionery manufacturers.

Our high-performance solutions are used worldwide in the manufacture of chocolate products, confectionery, sweets, candies and other products.

With over 28 years’ experience, we have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to design and install innovative, high-quality liquid processing solutions that deliver transformational results for chocolate and confectionery processing and production.

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Chocolate and confectionery production is characterised by high competitive pressures, volatile prices for raw materials and energy as well as consumers with ever-changing requirements.

In addition, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers must contend with waste reduction targets while ensuring consistent product quality and maximum production efficiency.

Our industry-leading pigging and liquid transfer solutions are helping manufacturers reduce waste, speed up changeover times, minimise cross-contamination risks, increase production up-time, boost efficiency and improve lot control.

Nearly every major chocolate and confectionery manufacturer has an HPS system. These include Hershey, Lindt, Mondelez, Ghirardelli, Nestlé, Blommer, Garoto, Godiva and Haribo to name a few.

From design to implementation, commissioning and after-sales support, our extensive experience in chocolate and confectionery processing ensures highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation.

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Case Studies

Improving chocolate processing using Pigging

Manufacturers of chocolate, candy, sweets and other confectionery products are recovering major amounts of product using HPS pigging systems.

Our solutions are also helping many manufacturers reduce waste, improve lot control, speed up changeover times and prevent cross-contamination.

Pigging System Confectionery Case Studies

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industry-leading solutions

HPS’s experience in the chocolate and confectionery sector is unique among product recovery and pigging systems providers. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with steam and water jacketing, heat tracing and hot rooms needed to manufacture chocolate and other confectionery products effectively.

We understand you can’t take risks with your processes. That’s why our engineers will work with you to ensure your solution meets your exact needs and requirements – before it leaves our factory. Our automatic pigging and liquid product recovery solutions offer significant benefits to chocolate and confectionery applications:


  • High recovery rates (up to 99.5%) and reliable prevention of cross-contamination
  • Increased yields, massively reduced waste and waste processing
  • Improved lot control and reduced risks of products settling, solidifying and then being wasted
  • Lower labour costs, less downtime
  • Significantly faster changeover times, improved product quality
  • Hygienic (sanitary) pigs made from materials which meet the requirements of FDA regulations
  • Reduced butter, oil and flushing product usage
  • Plus much more

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We feel, based on our operation that we have managed to cut down on potential down time by not leaving product in the piping. We definitely have not incurred any product issues by being able to remove as much as possible the various formulations we run through the same piping systems

Jeff Green, Log House Foods

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Improving Sustainability

Sustainability in chocolate and confectionery production is demanded by consumers, as well as making sound commercial and economic sense for manufacturers.

HPS pigging technology improves sustainability and eco-friendliness of chocolate and confectionery manufacture through significant product savings, faster changeover times and more efficient production.

Less waste product not only means increased yields and higher profits. It also means lower waste treatment and transport costs. More efficient production means lower power usage and better allocation of resources.

To find out more on how to increase the environmental sustainability confectionery, candy and chocolate product manufacture using HPS pigging technology, please contact HPS. We’re the trusted experts in hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery.

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