Pigging Systems for the Chemicals industry

The chemicals industry significantly benefits from implementing HPS Advanced Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Technology into operations.

With a wide range of pigs made from durable materials, our solutions are used with a wide range of chemicals to increase product yields and minimise contamination risks.

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Solving Chemicals challenges

Contamination risks, rising costs, volatile ingredients, and sustainability pressures are just a few of the pressures faced by chemical manufacturers.

At HPS, we understand the complexities you face. That’s why we work closely with you to not only mitigate these challenges but also enhance your overall operational efficiency.

Our advanced pigging and liquid transfer solutions are designed to optimise processes, resulting in increased yields and reduced waste.

From boosting plant capacity and product yields to decreasing contamination risks and minimising production downtime, the benefits of pigging for chemical manufacturers are significant.

With a typical product recovery rate of up to 99.5% from full pipelines, the typical payback period of an HPS pigging system is 6-12 months and the ROI is considerable.

Backed by a highly skilled team and a wealth of experience in liquid product recovery technology, HPS stands at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions precisely tailored to the unique requirements of the chemicals industry.

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Case Studies

Improving chemical manufacturing operations

Widely used by chemical manufacturers, HPS Advanced Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Technology is helping companies that manufacture chemicals reap the benefits of pigging and improve their operations.

Benefits of HPS pigging solutions include accelerated changeover times, decreased energy consumption, reduced cross-contamination risks, and increased yields.

Pigging System Chemicals Case Studies

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Chemical manufacturers worldwide are turning to hygienic pigging systems to enhance product quality and maximise yields.

With a proven track record, HPS will work in partnership with you to gain a deep understanding of your processes. This enables us to design a liquid processing solution that is custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether your goal is to enhance product quality, increase yields, or reduce contamination risks, we have the expertise to guide you through the process.



Our world-leading technologies offer a wide range of benefits:

    • Increased product yields and plant capacity
    • Faster changeovers and increased uptime
    • Improved product quality
    • Reduced waste and effluent
    • Faster CIP procedures
    • Reliable prevention of cross-contamination
    • Fully detectable pigs manufactured from compatible materials
    • Plus much more

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Sustainability in all areas of manufacturing is quickly becoming a necessity as global leaders implement regulations and policies to reduce pollution and slow climate change.

By reducing waste and effluent, decreasing water and energy consumption, and cutting carbon emissions, HPS technology can go a long way in helping your company meet and exceed their environmental sustainability and CSR goals.

HPS is developing more and more innovative ways to use pigging technology to increase the environmental sustainability of chemical manufacturing. If you want to know how to increase the sustainability of your processing, please contact HPS.

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