Benefits of Pigging

Produce More for Less, and Faster

Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Systems deliver a wide range of benefits. This proven technology delivers:

Pigging systems rapidly recover useable product from your processes, instead of discarding it as flush waste. This means you have more product to sell. But that’s not the only benefit of pigging.

Product recovery and pigging systems streamline processes, reducing effort required and making your operations a lot quicker. They can even eliminate some process stages altogether.

High Return on Investment (ROI)HPS Benefits of Pigging Graphic

If you choose an HPS pigging solution, your savings will pay back the initial cost of the system in a few months. So after that, it’s nearly all profit. That makes a great business case for including pigging as part of your liquid processing operation.

Reduced Waste and Production Downtime

Pigging systems massively reduce product waste, as well saving cleaning agents and water. And because pigging systems make cleaning easier and faster, changeovers are much quicker, so there’s less production downtime.

Increased Yields and Margins

Increased product yield is one of the biggest benefits of pigging. Instead of flushing residual product to waste, pigging systems mean you can continue to process it, or pack, store or sell it. And as a direct result of these increased yields, you’ll increase your profit margins.

Improved Sustainability and Lower Water Consumption

Sustainability is important to nearly every business these days. Because pigging saves so much waste, water, chemicals, and related transport and disposal costs, the environmental benefits of pigging are significant.

Higher Profits, Productivity and Efficiency

Pigging improves productivity and efficiency through higher yields, increased capacity, faster changeovers, reduced flushing and chemical washouts, and less waste.  The result is higher profits.

Bring the Benefits of Pigging to Your Organisation

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