Benefits of Pigging

MaximiSing the Benefits of Pigging and Product Recovery Systems

The benefits of pigging systems, more accurately referred to as “liquid product recovery” systems are well known throughout the hygienic and industrial process industries.

From foods and beverages to paints, coatings, and chemicals, HPS’ proven pigging technology delivers:

  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Increased Yields and Better Margins 
  • Reduced Waste and Less Production Downtime
  • Increased Plant Capacity
  • Faster Changeovers using Less Resources
  • Lower Water and Energy Consumption
  • Less use of CIP Chemicals and Cleaning Agents
  • Reduced Effluent and Effluent Treatment and Disposal
  • Minimized Contamination and Cross-Contamination Risks
  • Higher Profits, Productivity and Efficiency
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint and Improved Sustainability

Benefits of piggingPigging systems rapidly recover useable product from your processes, instead of discarding it as flush waste. This means you have more product to sell – just one of the many benefits of pigging systems.

HPS pigging technology will streamline your processes, reducing resources required and making your operations a lot quicker. Stages like initial flushing can often be eliminated entirely.

And because HPS hygienic (sanitary) pigs are bi-directional, maintain full contact with the pipe even around 1.5D bends, the pigging process is extremely fast, reliable and efficient with no complex return loops or turning stations.

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Hygienic (sanitary) pigging and product recovery systems deliver a wide range of benefits and a high return on investment. The benefits of pigging include:

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High Return on Investment (ROI)

If you choose an HPS pigging solution, your savings will pay back the initial cost of the system in a few months. So after that, it’s nearly all profit. That makes a great business case for including pigging as part of your liquid processing operation.

Pigging System Savings Calculator

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Increased Yields and Margins

Increased product yield and capacity is one of the biggest benefits of pigging systems. Instead of flushing residual product to waste, pigging systems mean you can continue to process it, or pack, store or sell it. And as a direct result of these increased yields and greater capacity, you’ll increase your profit margins.

Reduced Waste and Production Downtime

One of the main benefits of pigging systems is that they massively reduce product waste, as well saving cleaning agents and water. And because pigging systems make cleaning easier and faster, changeovers are much quicker, so there’s less production downtime.

Improved Sustainability

Sustainability is important to nearly every business these days. Because pigging saves so much waste, water, chemicals, and related transport and disposal costs, the environmental benefits of pigging are significant.

Environmental Benefits of Pigging

Benefits of pigging savings

Higher Profits, Productivity and Efficiency

Automatic pigging improves productivity and efficiency through higher yields, increased capacity, faster changeovers, reduced flushing and chemical washouts, and less waste.  The ultimate result is higher profits.

More About ROI from Pigging Systems

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More Benefits of Pigging Systems

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Increased Plant Capacity

If you use pigging, you’ll recover significant amounts of product at the end of each run or batch rather than wasting it. Your batch changeovers will be quicker, which means you’ll have less downtime. So, you can produce more, and produce it more quickly.
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Faster Changeovers Using Less Resources

Because pigging reduces the need to use water flush and CIP, the processes are much quicker, so changeovers are faster and less labour-intensive.
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Minimise Contamination and Cross-Contamination

HPS pigging systems are fully hygienic (sanitary) and remove nearly all the product from within pipelines. In addition, the finless design of HPS pigs means there’s no danger of product entrapment within the fins. So, HPS pigging technology significantly reduces both external contamination and product cross-contamination risks.
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Reduced Water Consumption

Because pigging reduces the need for water flushes, as well as CIP chemical use, there’s less flush requirement, saving water. HPS advanced pigging technology can also incorporate water and CiP chemicals as part of the pigging process itself, making the process even more efficient and saving time, water, energy, labour and other resources
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Less Use of CIP Chemicals and Cleaning Agents

Because HPS pigging systems remove typically 99.5% (or more) of the product from a full pipeline, there is less need to use sanitation and cleaning agents. While pigging won’t always remove the need for CIP altogether, it will usually reduce the amount of time it takes and chemicals required. It’s sometimes possible to incorporate flush and CiP as part of the pigging process, using ‘dual pig’ or water-push systems, increasing efficiency and water savings further.
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Lower Waste Disposal Costs

One of the best ways of dealing with effluent, is to create less of it in the first place! Because pigging cuts product, water and cleaning agents waste, a further benefit of pigging is that there’s much less effluent and waste to dispose of overall. So in turn, you’ll reduce your overall waste disposal, treatment and transport costs.
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