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Pigging Equipment, Components and Services

As well as providing complete pigging system solutions, HPS also provide a comprehensive range of pipeline pigging equipment, components and additional services for hygienic, sanitary and process applications.

These include hygienic (sanitary) pipeline pigs, pig detectors and detection systems, specialist valves, pig launchers and receive stations, pigging automation, pigging system design, training and much more.

Our high-performance pigging products, equipment services and expertise are trusted throughout the world.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our high-quality, cost-effective pipeline pigging products for liquid product recovery, transfer, pipeline cleaning and hygienic (sanitary) process systems support companies in many different sectors.

We focus on liquid transfer requirements in the food and drink, cosmetics and personal care, household products, chemical and pet food processing industries.


Our pipeline pigging products and services include:

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Complete Pigging Systems

If you need a new pigging system, HPS will deliver a full project from initial solution designs and supply of equipment to commissioning, training and ongoing support.

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Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigs

Hygienic (sanitary) pigs are the most important component of a liquid product recovery system. The pig is a specially-designed flexible projectile, slighter larger than the diameter of the pipe it is pigging. As the pig moves through the process line, it recovers the product and cleans the inside of the pipeline or tubing.

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Pig Detectors

Pig detectors (or pig detection systems) determine the presence of an HPS pig when it’s in close proximity. Pig detectors are a fundamental component of pigging systems and are typically located close to launch and receive stations.

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Piggable Diverter Valves

The HPS Solid Seat Ball Valve (SSBV) is a three-way piggable diverter valve specially designed to allow non obstructed product transfer. This can be from one source to two selectable positions, or from two selectable product sources to one destination.

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Sanitary Ball Valves

The HPS Sanitary Ball Valve is a valve specially designed by HPS for use in sanitary and hygienic pigging applications. Also known as the Clean In Place or “CIP-able” ball valve, it incorporates cutting-edge inflatable seal technology.

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Launch and Return Stations

Pig launch, receive and return stations are important components of any pigging system. Their role is to introduce the pig safely into the product line, propel the pig to and from source and destination, and store the pig when they’re not actually ‘pigging’.

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Pigging System Automation

Automating your pigging system will increase process speed, productivity, reliability and efficiency. It also enhances safety and reduces the chances of human error.

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Pigging System Design

Designing a pigging system so that it operates effectively, efficiently and safely is one of the most important aspects of a product recovery project. That’s why HPS provides high-quality pigging system design services to ensure the success of your project.

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Pigging System Training

From operators to maintenance staff and engineers, it’s essential to train everyone that will work with your pigging systems.

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Pig Check Advisory Software

Based on your pig usage, our Pig Checking Advisory Software tells your operators and maintenance team when it’s time to check the condition of the pig, look for signs of wear or damage, and when it’s ready to replace.

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high-quality products and equipment

exceptional technical capability 

With more than two decades of combined experience in design, manufacturing, research and development, our knowledge of process pigging is unsurpassed in the industry.

As an industry leader, HPS is committed to developing advanced, cutting-edge pigging products that provide the highest level of operator safety and deliver transformational results to companies that process liquids.

HPS is an ISO 9001 certified COMPANY

You have the assurance with HPS that our pigging products are designed and manufactured following strict quality procedures. They’re made to the highest quality standards and are among the most advanced in terms of capabilities in the liquid product recovery industry.

Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that our liquid product recovery systems and pigging products consistently meet our customers requirements and that we constantly review and look at ways we can improve the way we do things and the quality of our products.

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designed around your exact requirements

We have a wide range of pigging products for different pipe specifications and diameters. As well as different diameters, we also custom design and manufacture our products in different materials, colours and around the precise requirements, needs and infrastructure of each customer. 

Whatever your transfer application, you can rest assured that we will provide help, advice, and support and will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get a solution that meets your exact needs and provides tangible benefits to your business and a rapid return on investment.

why choose hps PIPELINE pigging products, services and equipment?


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High-Quality Products and Solutions

Our pigging products and equipment are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and are among the most advanced in terms of capabilities.
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Unparalleled Customer Care

The team at HPS are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer care and always strive to delight and exceed your expectations.
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Extensive Experience in Pigging

With more than two decades of experience, HPS has the knowledge and expertise that comes with vast experience in the process pigging industry.
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Worldwide Presence

We’re local to you – We have a global presence with offices in the UK, US and Australia and agents throughout the world.