“Automatrix” Automatic Liquid Distribution for Paint and Coatings

For Safe, Fast, Reliable and Hygienic Paint and Coatings Product Transfer

If you transfer paints, coatings, chemicals or other liquids from multiple sources to multiple destinations, and you want to do it safely, reliably, hygienically, quickly, efficiently and automatically, then the HPS Piggable Automatrix is the most advanced, efficient and effective product available.

There are many reasons companies use HPS piggable Automatrix technology.  It’s the right choice for your business if you have multiple sources and destinations and want to:vertical automatrix-pigging

Automatic Piggable Valve Manifold

The HPS piggable Automatrix is a fully automatic piggable valve manifold. Also known as a valve array or valve matrix system, it’s specially designed for both industrial, standard and sanitary (hygienic) paint processes. It enables full path selection and pigging flexibility from any product source to any destination, while automating source and destination selection.

The HPS piggable Automatrix has many important features which differentiate it from other valve manifolds. These include:

Cuts Out Manual Selection

The HPS piggable Automatrix is easy to operate and control, so operator training is minimal. Designed bespoke to your requirements, an HPS piggable Automatrix almost cuts out manual selection procedures.

As well as increasing productivity and efficiency, the HPS piggable Automatrix also minimises the chances of connection errors. It cuts the amount of pipework you need, frees up space and helps you get rid of hoses. It also speeds up changeover times, reduces losses, water and labour. And, it lowers contamination and cross-contamination risks. Not to mention massively improving safety.

Minimal Product Loss and Maximum Product Recovery

Unlike other liquid transfer matrices or automated valve manifolds, the HPS piggable Automatrix uses specialist, close fitting valve configurations with minimal dead-space or pockets. So, when pigs travel through it, they recover just about all of the product. This is much more efficient than other valve manifold systems, which have internal dead space and pockets which fill with product and can’t be pigged. By using HPS technology, there’s less product left behind, so flush outs are shorter, and there are greater savings in time, product, water and CIP chemicals.

Designed to Your Needs

Each HPS system is uniquely designed around your specific requirements. So, there are various options. The piggable Automatrix is available in many different sizes and different mounting formats. These include horizontal, vertical, portable or as skid configurations. When supplied as a portable ‘skid’, all wiring, pneumatics & I/O marshalling is provided complete, or as clip-on modules.

Whatever mounting format you choose, we offer a wide range of tube diameters, different networking options, and single or double-seat valve technology.

Allows Virtually Limitless Future Expansion

When installed horizontally, an HPS piggable Automatrix system can accommodate significant expansion in sources and destinations to meet with any future needs. When designed as a vertical space saving module, only the height restricts more lines being added. The modular design enables virtually limitless future growth in both source and destination lines.

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