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Case Study – Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Milton Keynes, UK

System Overview

The HPS soft drinks pigging system at Coca Cola Milton Keynes has been in successful operation since 1998.

It consists of 1 x Fully Automatic 3″ Bag-in-Box Single Line Pigging System. Line runs approximately 120m (360ft) delivering syrup to a holding tank from which it is packaged into the Bag-in-Box container used for draught dispensing of the soft drinks.

The tanks and pipeline are cleaned using a full, hot caustic Clean In Place (CIP) system. Pigging and CIP work well together, and during each cycle of the CIP the Pig, Pig Housing, Launch Valve, Receive/Return Station are cleaned.

The system is used up to 20 times per week depending on production requirements and product variations.

Feedback and Results

One of the best indications on the performance of a pigging system is how long the Pig operates before being replaced. The first pig was replaced after 18 months. The spares usage, for three years, was 8% of the original purchase price.