e&j gallo winery

Case Study – E & J Gallo Winery

E & J Gallo Winery, California, USA

For businesses that produce, process or bottle wine, HPS product recovery (pigging) and liquid transfer systems help increase operational efficiency and raise product yields. In addition, during wine production it is extremely important to avoid contamination. HPS systems significantly lower the risks of contamination caused by dissolved oxygen (DO), different products, cleaning fluids or other sources. At the same time, HPS solutions also reduce the use of water and cleaning fluids, while speeding up changeover times.

System Design

HPS has worked with a variety of different wine manufacturers and wine processors. You’ll find HPS product recovery, liquid transfer and pigging solutions in many of the main wine producing regions of the world.

E & J Gallo produces a selection of highly popular red, white and rose wines. The company also produces well-known sparkling wines and champagnes.

HPS provided the E & J Gallo facility in California, USA, with six 3-inch double-pig systems.  The double-pig systems efficiently transfer wine around the factory, while avoiding contamination from cleaning products, air or different wines. At the same time, the systems prevent foaming (foaming can be a serious problem in wine production).

How the System Works

Each of the HPS double-pig systems sends a pig to a source tank. This pushes any residue in the pipeline down a drain. The systems them purge the product lines, which pushes the pig to the destination.

To prevent aeration of the wine or champagne, the HPS systems use a pig in front of the wine. If the product was allowed to flow freely, it would be contaminated and start to foam in the line. Having a pig in front of the line prevents direct contact with air and so avoids contamination.

HPS product recovery, pigging and liquid transfer solutions offer significant benefits to wine (and other beverage) producers. As well as single-pig, double pig and tank drop off systems, HPS also provides automatrix and rotomatrix systems, process system design and a wide range of other services.

For more information about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of wine and beverage production, please contact HPS.