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Case Study – P&G

Update April 2022 – due to the current political situation, HPS is unable to supply products or services that are destined for use in Russia until further notice. This case study is for information only and relates to a project completed several years ago, pre-dating Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

P&G, Novomoskosk, Russia

HPS has pigging systems in a number of Procter and Gamble sites around the world.

This Procter and Gamble site produces a range of home care products. HPS installed two pigging systems on the Fairy Liquid lines, a well-known brand of washing up liquid.

The systems were single-pig systems. Like most pigging systems, HPS made a number of bespoke design modifications to suit the application and the precise needs of the customer.

When installed, the system propelled the pig a relatively short distance, then set the valves to send the pig to the filler, using the product to push the pig.

Product push systems, in the right situation, are highly efficient and allow pigging to take place extremely quickly, minimizing downtime,

The systems also had housings just after the receive station. These housings enabled the pig to be stored offline while the product was being transferred. The housings were specially designed to enable cleaning in place, so the pig was then cleaned and returned to the launch housing.

The HPS systems ensured minimal product waste, maximum yield and increased capacity.

By using HPS pigging technology, P&G are also increasing their environmental sustainability. This is because rinse, flush and CiP cycles require less water and chemical usage, and changeovers are quicker, saving time and labour. In addition, because there is less product and flush waste to dispose of, treatment costs are lower and there is less transport required to remove the waste to treatment plants.

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