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How Automatic Pigging Systems Increase Yields and Improve Efficiency in Chocolate Production


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About Log House Foodslog house foods logo

Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, Log House Foods manufactures and distributes its market-leading baking and bakery products. The company, which has been in business for well over 60 years, is built on a solid foundation of high quality, great value and exceptional customer service.

As well as being a well-known brand in its own right, Log House Foods also produces the Candiquik range of baking ingredients and Jacobsen’s Snack Toast.

Project Background

Log House Foods built a new facility to produce white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. This included 11 storage tanks. During the project, Log House Foods approached HPS to discuss using pigging to maximise product yield and increase plant capacity while reducing production downtime for changeovers and cleaning.

Why Log House Chose HPS as their Pigging Systems Provider

HPS have a strong reputation as the world’s leading hygienic and sanitary pigging systems specialists, and have worked with a wide variety of companies that manufacture Chocolate, Baking and Confectionery products.

There are certain considerations that need taking in to account when processing and pigging chocolate products.  HPS has extensive experience providing pigging systems for chocolate products, including manufacturers of some of the best-known brands throughout the world. This experience meant that, as well as being fully aware of the chocolate production process, they were quickly able to recommend highly effective, efficient and fully comprehensive solutions to meet Log House Foods requirements and objectives.

The Solution

The new facility includes two main processing stages. The first one is for incoming delivery of liquid chocolate to store in one of a series of tanks in the tank farm. The second is for outgoing movement of liquid chocolate from storage tanks to a day tank.Log House External Signage

For safety, reliability and above all operational efficiency, Log House Foods needed to automatically pig both the incoming and outgoing lines.

HPS designed, manufactured and commissioned three 4-inch and two 3-inch Fully Automatic Single-Pig Tank Select Systems.

HPS has a team of software engineers, programmers and developers. However, some customers, such as Log House, prefer to use their own. So in this case, HPS provided a software functional design specification (FDS) to enable Log House’s selected programmers to develop coding for the pigging system operation.

When commissioning was complete, HPS engineers ensured Log House Foods staff fully understood how the systems worked and were fully trained to properly and safely operate and maintain the equipment.

The Results

The primary aims of the project were to reduce product waste, increase yield, speed up product changeovers and subsequently increase profits.
The five pigging systems have significantly reduced product wastage and increased yields through highly effective product recovery.

Pigging has also reduced downtime by speeding up changeovers and, because pigging system automation reduces the risks of incorrect operation and error, has also improved safety.

By saving energy and resources, pigging has helped Log House improve its environmental sustainability.

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