what to expect in this guide

This guide includes an overview of hygienic (often called sanitary) pigging systems for lubricants, greases and similar products.

It includes an introduction to pigging technology, how it works, and provides some key statistics and takeaways on pigging for lubricants.

In addition, the free guide to pigging includes the extensive range of benefits pigging delivers to lubricants. This includes increased production yields, reduced cross-contamination risks, improved capacity, better operational efficiency and improved environmental sustainability.


From motor oil and gearbox oil to hydraulic oils and greases, this exclusive guide also includes an overview of the different types of pigging systems and the types of pigs for lubricants.

Plus, it includes an overview of how to plan a pigging and liquid product system project.

So, if you process lubricants, greases or similar type products, then download our free guide today!