how hps pigging systems save money

New Video – How an HPS Pigging System Saves Money, Time, Waste and Water

We’ve recently released a new video case study, which demonstrates how an HPS pigging system is saving our global consumer goods client 500,000 US dollars each year.

As well as saving the client lots of money, pipeline pigging enables them to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible and maintain a competitive edge.

Other benefits of the custom-designed pigging solution include increased production capacity, quicker changeovers, reduced water, chemical, and energy usage as well as decreased product wastage. And that’s only a few of the benefits!

So, if you process liquids and are interested in bringing the benefits of product recovery or pigging systems to your organisation, please take a look at our latest video.

To watch the video, click the play button below.

Pigging Solution – Turnkey Project

The project initially came about as the client was suffering from severe inefficiency and production losses. As a result, they instructed the team at HPS to conduct an investigation, which pinpointed the exact areas that were causing their losses.

Following this, the losses were then ranked, which was determined by how much each was costing the client. HPS could then focus on the area that would deliver the biggest gains to the client.

The pigging solution was carried out as a turnkey project, meaning the HPS team took full responsibility for the project – from pigging system design all the way to commissioning.

Peace of Mind with a Turnkey Pigging Project

Turnkey solutions give our clients peace of mind knowing their projects are being handled and executed effectively by our experts.

While many customers utilise HPS’s expertise and knowledge in all areas with a turnkey project. Alternatively, some clients choose to use our expertise for specific areas. For example, HPS has a team of highly experienced software engineers, programmers, and developers. However, some clients prefer to use HPS for the design, implementation and commissioning and their own in-house team for the software.

You can find out even more information on projects and implementing a pigging system here.

Pigging System Success Stories

As well as helping our consumer goods client save 500,000 US dollars every year, we’ve helped lots of other companies that process liquids to maximise yields, increase profits, reduce waste, improve overall efficiency and lots more!

For example, we recently installed an HPS pigging system for a soft drinks manufacturer, which is generating savings of roughly US dollars $31,500 a day.

Similarly, HPS commissioned a pigging system for a personal care manufacturer, which has reduced washout times by more than 50 percent (from 15 to 7 minutes). And because pigging recovers practically all of the product from the line (and reduces contamination risks), the manufacturer can take advantage of using the same line for more than one product. This is instead of using dedicated transfer lines for each product, which is severely inefficient.

Companies That Process Liquids Can Benefit from Pigging

From food and beverage, personal care and pet food to cosmetics, homecare, and confectionery, HPS pigging systems are used by a wide range of organisations throughout the world as part of their processing operations every day.

Although the demands of each industry may differ, what they all have in common is that they process liquids or wet products through pipelines. Therefore, they can benefit from the use of a pigging system.

Although savings can vary from project to project, and from industry to industry, however, the financial, environmental and operational benefits of HPS pigging systems are nearly always significant.

So, if you process liquids and don’t have a pigging ask yourself,

How much product, money, and time is being wasted by not having a pigging system?

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