Andrei’s Trip to Mexico

HPS are a global company. We have offices in the UK, USA, and Australia, and we have agents around the world. Having these partnerships with our agents allows us to maintain a presence around the world and are key to ensuring the continued success of HPS liquid product recovery (pigging) systems in countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

Many of our agents over the years have visited the HPS headquarters in Nottingham. One agent who we have only met via Teams and Zoom (apart from commissioning engineers travelling for pigging system start-ups) are CSMX Mexico.

Our Client Support Manager, Andrei Cox, felt that this needed to change.

HPS have been working successfully with CSMX Mexico for over 5 years now and they have provided many HPS pigging systems locally in Mexico.

After a few conversations with CSMX and some long-standing Mexican customers, Andrei booked a flight and was on his way!

Over the next two weeks of criss-crossing the country (kindly being chauffeured around by CSMX) Andrei met many existing HPS system users in the personal care, homecare, food and beverage and paint sectors. He also assisted CSMX with some exciting new opportunities for integrating pigging systems into new plants and factories, including a cheese manufacturer, a sauce manufacturer, a well-known soft drinks producer, and a dairy.

Anyone who knows Andrei knows that he was extremely happy to visit the cheese manufacturer – several phone calls back home included detailed descriptions of the different cheeses being produced!

Towards the end of the visit, Andrei and CSMX decided to get back to basics and host a training day. During the training, the CSMX team looked at HPS’s latest products, services, innovations and developments, as well as system designs for various applications seen during site visits.

“One of the best things about the trip was meeting customers who, for years, I’d only been in email or telephone contact with. To meet face to face and get to know them better was fantastic. To have a little laugh and a joke with customers is priceless,” Andrei told us after returning home to England. “An honourable mention should also go to all the HPS pigging systems I met as well! Some of them have been installed for 20 years plus, tirelessly saving their owners’ product yields and hard cash.”

And what about Mexico? Well, Andrei loved it! He has nothing but fond memories of the people he met, reminiscing about how everyone was polite and helpful “without exception”. He also added, “I’m now addicted to tacos, Corona, and Mariachi bands!”

In agreement with CSMX, Andrei plans to make a yearly visit to Mexico. He’s sure that HPS will have more systems installed each time he visits.

Many thanks to everyone at CSMX Mexico for taking such good care of Andrei throughout his trip!

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HPS have been commissioning pigging systems for over 28 years. We have systems installed across the world throughout the process industries. We have systems in the food, beverage, homecare and household, industrial lubricants and greases, pet food, paint and coatings, personal care, and beauty sectors.

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CSMX Mexico are a supplier of industrial equipment, controls technology, and HPS pigging systems.

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