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HPS NOW part of the main UK paint and coatings trade association

HPS Technology In Wide Use In The Industry

HPS is delighted to have recently been accepted as new Associate Members of the British Coatings Federation (BCF).

HPS has many clients in the paint and coatings industry. They use our pipeline product recovery (pigging) technology to increase yields, cut waste, speed up changeovers and be more environmentally sustainable.

In addition, with the introduction of stricter biocide regulations, HPS pigging technology in paint and coatings production can also help prevent product contamination and cross-contamination.

Paint and Coatings Trade Association

The British Coatings Federation is a Trade Association which represents the interests of paint and coatings companies. This includes those that manufacture decorative paints, industrial and powder coatings, as well as companies that produce printing inks and wallcoverings.BCF Associate Member Logo

The BCF membership represent 95% of the UK sales of coatings, inks and wallcoverings. That’s just about every company that’s a key player in the UK paint and coatings industry, and equates to around 300 000 employees.

Pigging and Liquid Transfer Solutions

While HPS is a UK pigging company, we also have offices in the USA and Australia, plus a network of official agents all over the world.

As well as using hygienic pigging technology, HPS Automatrix and Rotomatrix liquid transfer solutions are also popular with paint and coatings companies. That’s because a lot of paint companies have multiple sources to multiple destinations. So as well as improving efficiency through fast and reliable source and destination selection, HPS liquid transfer solutions can also replace ‘snake pits’ of hoses. Too many hoses can lead to inefficiency and selection errors as well as causing safety issues.

As an associate member of the BCF, HPS gains interesting industry insight and statistics, updates on legislation, and guidance on everything from health and safety to technical and environmental topics.

competitiveness, efficiency and environmental sustainability

BCF membership also gives HPS staff the opportunity to network with other BCF members, attend events (online and hopefully in-person in the not too distant future), and generally get a better understanding of some of the concerns and issues facing our clients that aren’t directly related to product recovery or liquid transfer.

Paint and coatings pigging systems

We’ve just completed a major project with a well-known UK paint and coatings company, and are discussing future projects with several others. Not to mention we have a number of clients outside of the UK.

We’re looking forward to building even stronger bonds with our current clients in the BCF, as well as getting to know other members. We hope we can help promote the industry while improving its competitiveness, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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HPS is the world’s leading expert in pigging, liquid product recovery and liquid transfer solutions for manufacturers of paints and coatings. For more information, please see our Guide to Pigging and Liquid Transfer for Paint, Coatings, and Chemicals.

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