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Introducing Hygienic Process Systems BV – Our Official Distributer for the Netherlands and Belgium

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve appointed newly formed Dutch company Hygienic Process Systems BV as our official distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Based in the city of Breda, Netherlands, Hygienic Process Systems BV will work in partnership with HPS to deliver liquid product recovery (pigging) and liquid distribution solutions throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

The company is a spin-off from Flowcomm Nederland BV and was created as a direct response to market demand.

Hygienic Process Systems BV will also be our official Dutch distributor for HPS pigging system spare parts. This includes our hygienic (sanitary) pigs, AccuTect pig detectors, specialist valves such as piggable diverter valves and piggable tees as well as other key components.

In addition to pipeline pigging products and equipment, the company will also provide other processing equipment from other suppliers to the Netherlands and Belgium market.

Please note – If you’re based in any of those countries and already work with us, you can either continue to contact us or our spares team directly or contact via Hygienic Process Systems BV if that is more convenient to you. They’ll be more than happy to help you!

Hygienic (Sanitary) Pigging Technology

Also known as liquid product recovery, pigging is used throughout the globe by companies that process liquids, especially those in the hygienic and sanitary process industry. This includes manufacturers of foods, beverages, confectionery, paints, household and homecare, personal care, cosmetics, pet food plus many more.

HPS pigging systems are bespoke and designed around the precise needs of each customer. They work by using a specialist projectile (the ‘pig’), which is propelled through process pipelines.

Because the pig has been specially designed with a diameter slightly larger than the pipes internal diameter, it reclaims practically all the residual product remaining after a product transfer.

The reclaimed product is perfectly useable and can continue to be processed or sold, rather than flushed to waste during the cleaning and changeover process.

HPS custom pigging systems deliver a wide range of benefits to companies that process liquids. This includes increased yields, reduced waste, faster changeovers, and Clean-in-Place (CIP), decreased water usage, improved efficiency, reduced environmental impact plus much more. Importantly, pigging systems deliver high return on investment (ROI) and fast payback.

Gilbert Murphy, our CEO commented:

“Working with Hygienic Process Systems BV will help us introduce our technology to more companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, and help these companies increase yields, reduce waste, operate more efficiently and improve their environmental sustainability”

Robert Zuiderveld, General Manager at Hygienic Process Systems BV added,

“There are a lot of companies in The Netherlands and Belgium in a wide variety of different industries, which can really benefit from HPS pigging technology and solutions. Recovering residual liquids from using pigging is one of the most financially and environmentally sound ways to increase yields and efficiency while helping achieve waste reduction and sustainability goals”.

Bringing the Benefits of Pigging to an Even Wider Audience

While HPS already has some customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, we’re looking forward to joining forces with Hygienic Process Systems BV to bring the benefits of hygienic and sanitary pigging systems to an even wider audience.

Gilbert, continued,

“While we have worked with companies in the Netherlands and Belgium before, we have not actively targeted the region, and therefore have limited market penetration”.

“The team at Hygienic Process Systems BV have an in-depth understanding of process industries in The Netherlands and Belgium, coupled with high levels of technical knowledge and experience. We’re looking forward to working with them!”

Robert stated,

“We are excited about this partnership and proud to be working alongside the market leader and specialist in process pigging. HPS provides a high quality, proven technology, which will deliver our clients a high return on investment, as well as helping them improve their environmental credentials”.

This is an exciting development for both our companies. If you’re based in the Netherlands or Belgium and are interested in improving your processes through hygienic and sanitary pigging and liquid transfer solutions, please contact HPS.

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