Introducing the Dual-Pig Pigging System

high-performance dual-pig pigging system

specially designed for paint and coatings

The dual-pig pigging system has been specially designed by HPS for paint and coatings processing and production. It delivers a high return on investment and offers significant benefits to manufacturers of paint, pigments, coatings and varnish.

dual pig pigging system
dual pig system

how the dual-pig system works

A dual-pig pigging system is a type of pipeline product recovery (pigging) system.

Dual-pig systems use two separate sanitary (hygienic) pigs. The two pigs are introduced into the pipeline with a measured amount of either solvent or water between the two pigs. The product-pig-cleaning solution-pig combination is propelled to the destination, recovering the product and flushing the line with the water/solvent product that is between the two pigs.

reduce water and solvent usage

Because the dual-pig system uses two separate pigs, it offers dual cleaning capability while optimising the volume of solvent required to achieve pipe cleanliness. It also eliminates the need to use high volumes of water to evacuate the product residue from the pipeline and clean the pipe after each transfer.

The dual-pig system recovers up to 99.5% of product from the pipeline, which prevents the risk of product cross contamination. Other benefits of the dual-pig pigging system include increased product yields, faster changeover times, improved production capacity, higher efficiency, plus much more.

pig in hand

transform your paint and coatings processing operations

HPS are the world’s leading specialists in liquid product recovery and process pigging systems. We’ve implemented the HPS Dual-Pig Pigging System in a wide variety of companies throughout the world.

To find out more, contact HPS or your nearest office or representative.

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