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Introducing Our New Addition to HPS USA – Deborah Rahal

We’re pleased to announce we have a new member of the HPS team in the US!

Deborah Rahal has joined us in the role of Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Specialist. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Debbie to HPS and thank her for joining us.

In her role, Debbie will be part of the growing HPS USA team which covers the North American market. She’ll be helping us to continue to increase our sustainable and strategic growth throughout the region.

Debbie will be advising companies that process liquids on ways to improve the efficiency, productivity, capacity, yields, profits and sustainability of their plant and process.

New Addition to HPS USA – Deborah Rahal

Extensive Experience in Process Pigging

Debbie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to HPS, having had similar roles with other companies in similar industries.

In fact, Debbie was employed by HPS in the early days of the business, so she already has a great understanding of HPS technology!

A strong company culture is extremely important at HPS. We spend a great deal of time on it and ensure we employ individuals that reflect our key values (Quality, Innovation, Simplicity, and Integrity).

And we can confidently say that Debbie is a great fit for HPS! She’s exceptionally passionate about sanitary and industrial process pigging and liquid processing. She’s also extremely enthusiastic and committed to delivering unparalleled customer care.

Remote Induction

As mentioned previously, Debbie is US-based. Most of her induction and training has been carried out remotely by staff in the UK.

This is something that HPS started during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even during this time, HPS continued to grow and take on new staff, so all our new starters had their inductions done remotely.

And we’ve done so many now, we’ve got quite good at delivering them!

Debbie has been at HPS for nearly a week now, and it’s been a smooth transition. When Debbie was originally at HPS way back, things were quite different. So, during her induction and training, we’ve brought her up to date with HPS, our way our working, new products, processes plus much more.

Debbie has already been introduced ‘remotely’ to key members of the HPS team, from marketing and customer care to operations and finance.

Liquid Process System Experts

Debbie will be instrumental in helping HPS achieve our planned next phase of growth.

HPS has been in business since 1995, so we have over 27 years of experience and expertise in pigging, liquid product recovery, and liquid transfer systems for process industries.

Our key industries include food, beverages, confectionery, pet food, personal care, cosmetics, chemicals, paint, coatings, lubricants plus many more. Basically, if you can pump it, we can pig it!

In recent years, HPS pigging technology has gained even more traction as companies that process liquids realise the wide range of benefits that pigging can bring to their processes and plant.

This includes increased yields, reduced waste, faster changeovers and CIP, decreased cross-contamination risks, lower water usage, increased capacity, a reduction of environmental impacts plus much more.

This is through propelling a special projectile (called the ‘pig’), through process pipelines to reclaim the residual liquid that would otherwise be wasted.

HPS pigging technology typically achieves recovery rates of up to 99.5% of liquid in full pipelines. Therefore, pigging system savings are significant.

Key Stage in HPS Growth

It’s truly an exciting time at HPS as we continue to help even more companies bring the benefits of pigging to their organisation. We’re also continuing to partner with our existing customers with new projects that solve their liquid processing challenges.

Plus, we also have a lot of exciting new innovations and product features in the pipeline so watch the space!

Debbie is joining HPS at a key stage of the company’s growth and we’re really pleased to welcome her on board!

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