How HPS Technology Ensures Minimal Waste Generation and Efficient Cleaning for Manufacturer of Paints

We’ve recently released a new Pigging and Liquid Transfer Case Study on Paint Processing and Production. The case study details how multiple HPS hygienic pigging and liquid transfer systems are helping a well-known manufacturer of water and solvent-based paints increase yields, minimise waste and contamination risks, reduce the content of water in the product and ensure efficient cleaning.

We’ve also done a blog series, which followed the project step-by-step from winning the project to commissioning. Take a look at the series:

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About the Global Manufacturer of Paint, Coatings and Materials

The HPS client is a global supplier of paint, coatings, and specialty materials. They have manufacturing facilities throughout the globe including regions such as Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and so on.

With more than 100 years behind them, the company’s paint and coatings are everywhere, providing protection, decoration, performance, and sustainability.

From consumer products and aerospace, to industrial and transportation, their first-class portfolio of brands is trusted by customers throughout the world.

How It All Started

The paint and coatings manufacturer contacted HPS because they were installing a fully automatic paint production area for water and solvent-based paint manufacture and filling at their facility in the UK.

They wanted to incorporate a hygienic, turnkey end-to-end solution to increase yields, efficiency, safety as well as to minimise waste and keep downtime to a minimum. So, as well as pigging and liquid product distribution systems, the project involved the installation of processing equipment including pipework, robotics, fillers, mixers, hygienic valves and so on.

It was critical that the HPS equipment was designed with minimal product hold-up pockets to ensure efficient cleaning and to eliminate cross-contamination risks.

HPS technology

Details about the Pigging and Liquid Transfer Project for Paint

HPS provided a comprehensive, automatic pigging and liquid product distribution solution for the paint manufacturer. It was a turnkey project, so HPS worked in cross-collaboration with our partner engineering companies for the project.

For optimum efficiency and productivity, the HPS equipment is fully automatic. With complete pigging process control, this improves safety and reduces the chances of errors through less manual intervention.

And because HPS technology cuts waste and disposal costs as well as reducing water and cleaning chemical use, it helps the leading paint manufacturer reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

To View a PDF of this case study, click here.

HPS Pigging and Liquid Transfer Solutions for Paint Processing and Production

The case study looks at how HPS, who is trusted by companies that process liquids throughout the world, provided the paint manufacturer with multiple tank inlet/outlet select modules and pigging systems.

Specially designed with minimal product hold-up pockets, the HPS equipment enables efficient cleaning and reduces the risk of product cross-contamination. The pigging system also recovers residual product from the pipelines.

From design and supply of equipment to implementation, commissioning, and aftercare, HPS provided a complete bespoke solution.
What’s more, as part of the project HPS specially developed a valve, in association with Bardiani valves to meet the needs of the customer.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of the pigging system paint solution are extensive. It delivers a high return on investment with fast payback.

Thanks to the HPS equipment, the paint manufacturer recovers the product residue from the pipe, which increases yields and minimises waste. What’s more, because the pigging and liquid transfer solution has been designed with minimal product hold-up pockets, it lessens the chances of product building up. This in turn reduces the chances of cross-contamination issues.

The pigging and liquid transfer systems are also helping the paint company speed up changeovers, lower contamination risks, decrease water consumption, enhance the cleaning process, lower waste disposal and other costs, plus much more.

The specially developed valve also delivers a wide range of benefits for the paint manufacturer, which you can learn more about in the case study.

HPS AccuTect Pig Detector

Find Out More

If you’ve not already, make sure you check out the case study. There’s also a wide variety of other pipeline pigging case studies on our website.

If you process paint, coatings or just about any other liquid or wet product and are interested in incorporating HPS pigging and liquid transfer technology into your business, please contact the process system experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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