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Sustainability, Productivity and Profits All Benefit from Pigging Technology.

We’ve recently published a new case study which looks at two pigging systems we deployed in a major homecare liquid manufacturing plant.  The case study illustrates how product recovery using automated pipeline pigging technology significantly reduces waste, increases efficiency, improves profits and helps towards environmental sustainability goals.

If you’re interested in industrial product recovery and pigging, the case study will help you get a better understanding of how pigging works and the value HPS pigging systems deliver to companies that process liquids. It includes practical examples of the financial, environmental and operational benefits that our bespoke pigging solutions provide.

Custom Solutions

The case study looks at pigging systems implemented in KIK Custom Products. Like all good quality pigging solutions, we custom-designed them around the precise needs of the customer.

KIK Custom Products is a leading manufacturer of homecare, personal care, pool additives and pharmaceutical products. As well as their own label products, the company also contract manufactures retailer branded (private label) products on behalf of other well-known homecare product companies.

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Increasing Productivity

After creating concept drawings and proposal documents, HPS engineers designed, supplied and commissioned two fully-automated single-pig systems for the company. These are used in KIK Custom Products dishwasher fluid manufacturing facility in Danville, Illinois, USA.

As a successful business, KIK Custom Products is committed to continuous investment in its equipment and systems. It works to extremely high levels of operational efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Their new pigging systems fit in perfectly with this philosophy and increased productivity levels even further.

Delivering ROI

Pigging delivers high return on investment (ROI) and rapid payback. The new solutions at KIK Custom Products are saving the company significant amount of dishwasher fluid. There’s approximately 250 feet (76 metres) of pipeline for pigging. Thanks to the new equipment, they now use nearly all of the residual product left in the length of these pipes, rather than having to dispose of it. At retail value, this equates to several thousand dollars each batch run. Changeovers are also much quicker, so HPS’s technology is saving the company time and labour costs in addition to general waste reduction, efficiency and sustainability improvements.

Find Out More

Please click here to view the homecare product pigging systems case study. You can also view a variety of other product recovery and liquid transfer solutions case studies here.

If you’re interested in bringing the benefits of pigging to your business, for more information or to talk to a pigging systems specialist, please contact HPS or your local agent or representative. We look forward to hearing from you!

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