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Recently, HPS had the opportunity to meet with a well-known multinational paint and coatings company to discuss an innovative and reliable pigging solution.

They were initially reluctant to use pigging technology because of a previous negative experience with another pigging provider. The quality of care received left them feeling dissatisfied, and disappointed. This is because they were left with a pigging system uninstalled, and at the same time uninformed how to use it both correctly and safety.

However, not all pipeline pigging specialists are the same. If you choose an HPS pigging solution you can be assured you are dealing with world leading experts. You can trust HPS to deliver truly exceptional service levels throughout the lifetime of your relationship with us. After all, our customers are at the heart of the HPS ethos.

So, how do we ensure complete satisfaction?

  • Bespoke Solutions

We don’t just provide pigging systems – we deliver fully customised and innovative pigging solutions designed to meet your precise needs.

  • Unmatched Service Levels

Not only do we provide high quality pigging products and solutions, we also deliver service levels that are unmatched by anyone in the process pigging industry. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 100% of respondents said they were either “Extremely Satisfied” or “Satisfied” with their experience with HPS!

Now, that’s a satisfaction rate that many companies would envy.

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  • We Ensure Project Success

We ensure the success of every project, by taking it from start to finish and beyond!

Although HPS can supply all the components that are required to build a pigging solution, the success (as well as safety) of the project is determined by design, implementation, commissioning, training and preventative maintenance. For this reason, we usually recommend you use the complete range of services we offer.

As a minimum, we’ll need to evaluate the design of your system before we supply any pigging equipment. This is to make sure we are 100% certain that your system will function successfully and safely.

  • We Have a Strict Commissioning Process

We have a strict commissioning procedure in place. Commissioning refers to thoroughly checking the system before it is first used.

The main objectives of the commissioning procedure are to:

1.) Enable the final acceptance of the system.

2.) Hand over the system from HPS to the operations team.

3.) Ensure that all components of the system meet the functional requirements of the design specification.

During this time, our knowledgeable pigging system design team will be on site to provide ongoing support and to ensure a pain-free and smooth running start-up of your system. We won’t leave site or ‘sign off’ any project, unless we are certain the safety risks have been minimised.

implementing a pigging system

  • Focused on Safety

We are obsessed with safety at HPS, and as such we’ve made it our top priority. As part of our commissioning procedures, we provide effective comprehensive pigging system training. This ensures safe and effective operation, and mitigates and minimises risks. The training is delivered by our highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers. The main purpose of the training is to ensure all individuals who are likely to operate or use the system, know how to use it both correctly and safely.

In addition, our engineers won’t leave site until they are certain that the operators fully understand the system, and are competent in safety.

  • After-Sales Support

Although designing, installing and commissioning are important to HPS, looking after our customers is as equally important.

Following the installation and commissioning of your system, our dedicated customer service and after-sales team are on hand to support you whenever you need it. We embrace effective and ongoing communication, which enables us to keep in touch and connected with our customer base.

At the same time, we actively listen and encourage you to provide feedback on system performance and reliability.

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