Pigging Systems for Paint and Coatings

reduce contamination and cross-contamination risks

If you process paint, coatings, varnish or other types of liquid, our high-performance, quality pigging systems will reduce contamination and cross-contamination risks. 

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Our unique, innovative pigging systems are specifically designed for hygienic (sanitary) applications. They recover up to 99.5% of product in pipelines that would otherwise go to waste.

Unmatched in the process pigging industry, our high-performance pigs are bi-directional, contain no solid magnets and can travel around 1.5D bends while maintaining full product recovery rates.


Because the HPS pig removes nearly all of the product residue from the line, the chances of product contamination and cross-contamination are greatly reduced.

Essentially, pigging enables different products to be transferred in the same line with very little mixing between products.

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trusted throughout the world

HPS has 25 years’ experience providing product recovery and pigging systems to companies that process liquids.

As well as reducing contamination and cross-contamination risks, our proven solutions are helping leading brands such as Kelly-Moore Paints, PPG and AkzoNobel increase yields, reduce waste, speed up changeover times and reduce downtime.

To transform your paint and coatings processing operations through pipeline pigging solutions, then contact HPS today!


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