Pig Health Software

Tells you when to check your pig

To maintain optimal performance of your pigging system, it’s important not to overuse your process pig.

Our Pig Health Software tells your operators when to take a look at the condition of the pig, check for signs of wear or damage, and helps to indicate when your pig is coming towards the end of its recommended working life.

pipeline pig in hand

keeps your pigging system running efficiently

  • Provides clear advance warning that your pig is nearing its recommended usage limits
  • Reduces your risk of using worn or damaged pigs
  • Maintains optimum system performance
  • Reduces maintenance and helps scheduling
  • Minimises downtime

Pig Health Software helps make sure you change your pig before it adversely affects your system performance.

Accurately Shows Pig Use

records the distance pig has travelled

All HPS pigging systems include pig usage guidelines. We recommended you check your pig usage regularly to avoid overuse, and replace it before it becomes worn or damaged.

Keeping an accurate track of the distance your pig has travelled through your system is not always straightforward. Our Pig Health Software automatically records this for you and displays messages on your screens when it’s getting close to needing checking or changing.

Supplied Free with Many HPS Systems

We include this software free of charge with new automatic pigging systems. We can also retro fit the software to many existing HPS pigging solutions, or even provide you with the code (however, we will need to do some compatibility checks first).

To find out about retro-fitting this software to your existing HPS system, or for information about a new pigging solution for your business, please contact HPS.