Piggable Diverter Valves

Three-way piggable diverter valve

The Solid Seat Ball Valve (SSBV) is a three-way piggable diverter valve specially designed by HPS to allow non obstructed product transfer.

This can be from one source to two selectable positions, or from two selectable product sources to one destination.

HPS piggable diverter valve

why use hps piggable diverter valves?

The SSBV piggable diverter valve can withstand the demanding environments of process applications. Its robust design incorporates minimal wearing components, ensuring longevity and durability. The valve not only requires minimal maintenance but also provides ease of operation and unwavering reliability.

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Unobstructed Product Transfer

Specially designed and engineered by HPS to allow non obstructed product transfer.
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120° Piggable Bend

Provides optimum efficiency for pigging situations and allows for smooth passage of the HPS pig.
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Robust and Extremely Reliable

The valve is extremely robust and offers high levels of reliability and performance.
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Designed and manufactured to the highest standards.
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Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The valve can be fully disassembled, enabling trouble-free maintenance and cleaning.
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Low Cost of Spare Parts

Spare parts such as seals are extremely cost-effective.
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Can withstand the demanding environments of process applications.
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Reduced Health and Safety Risks

Reduced risks during maintenance. Service is possible without compressed air.


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HPS pigging SSBV piggable diverter valve

optimum efficiency with the ssbv

The HPS three-way piggable diverter valve can be completely dismantled and offer a clear passage, which means no pressure loss. It provides optimum efficiency for pigging situations and has been designed for use with HPS pigs, although it can be used in installations without pigging to aide process routing.

can be used as pig launchers

When using a HPS SSBV as a Pig Launcher, it takes away the need for a traditional two valve ‘T’ launch arrangement. This single valve arrangement can be attached to the outlet port of the pump and allows product to pass through a full bore path while in the Transfer Position. When transfer is complete the valve will rotate to the Pig Launch Position, opening a path for the Pig to enter the transfer line, while blocking the path from the pump outlet port.

The Pig is isolated in an offline housing when not in use, allowing access for Pig inspection or replacement during normal product transfer. These Pig Launchers can be mounted in the horizontal or the vertical orientation.

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piggable diverter valve with actuator

Piggable Sweeping Bend

The solid stainless ball within the valve comprises a 120° piggable sweeping bend, which allows for smooth passage for the HPS Pig. The ball rotates 120° between ports allowing for unobstructed product flow and no pressure loss.

Can be Easily Dismantled

The valve can easily be fully disassembled, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. The PTFE seals sit on O-rings within the flange allowing for a floating seat arrangement.

available sizes:

The HPS SSBV is available in:

    • 1.5 Inch
    • 2 Inch
    • 2.5 Inch
    • 3 Inch
    • 4 Inch

DIN Sizes: 

    • DIN 38
    • DIN 50
    • DIN 65
    • DIN 80
    • DIN 100

Schedule sizes are also available on request.

Available Options

  • Water Jacketing
  • Wash Ports
  • 30 Degree Installation Bends
  • Available with Customer Designated Connection Types
  • Automation options available on request

The HPS SSBV is also available in a range of seats and seals to match your process requirements.