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Why the HPS Rotomatrix is Loved by Companies That Process Liquids

There’s a product that’s been around for a long time in liquid processing. It’s used by many different companies and with a wide variety of products.

The people that use it really like it. But you might not have heard of it.

It’s called a ‘piggable Rotomatrix’.rotomatrix liquid transfer

It saves time, saves labour and saves product. It reduces the risk of errors, simplifies plant layouts and improves safety.

It’s used in processing everything from cosmetics to paints, and from pet food to wineries and bottling plants.

You’ll Love It.

A piggable Rotomatrix will give your plant incredible flexibility. It makes it quick and easy to connect pipelines from multiple sources to multiple destinations while making your layout a lot safer.  And, because it incorporates product recovery (‘pigging’) technology, you’ll be able to fully pig each line, from start to finish.

So your yields will increase, your changeover times will reduce, and you’ll save a massive amount of waste.

What’s more, your operators won’t be able to connect the wrong source to the wrong destination. That’s one less thing to worry about. You’ll love it!

Your Safety Team Will Love It.

A piggable Rotomatrix means you can get rid of hundreds of feet of hoses and dedicated lines. Your processes will immediately be a lot more efficient.  You’ll free up space and everything will be tidier. Your factory will be a lot safer because you’ll remove trip hazards.

So, your safety team will breathe a collective sigh of relief. And love it!

The Maintenance Team Will Love It.

The piggable Rotomatrix doesn’t use valves. It’s cleverly designed and robustly built, so there’s not much to go wrong. It’s highly unlikely to cause any downtime, and at the same time it’s easy to look after. So, it frees up time, and your maintenance team will love it.

Your Operators Will Love It. 

Not only is a piggable Rotomatrix easy to use (so there’s not much training required), it’s fully interlocked and links to a PLC. If something isn’t connected properly, or connected to the wrong thing, it won’t activate, giving everyone, including your operators, peace of mind. They’ll love it.

Your Quality People Will Love It. 

After you’ve connected a line, if you need to CIP or flush it to make sure it’s sanitary, you can do. You can pig right from source to destination, through the Rotomatrix itself. We can even add a special CIP tank and flush routes. So your quality team will love it too.

Your Boss Will Love It.

What’s one of the best things about a piggable Rotomatrix?piggable rotomatrix

It’s extremely cost-effective.

Because there are no valves, we can keep the price right down. And when you combine the low initial cost with its reliability, the cost of ownership of an HPS piggable Rotomatrix is minimal. And the return on investment will be high. Really high.

So, whoever holds the purse strings is going to love it as well.

So Why Haven’t You Heard Of It?

Once a Rotomatrix is installed, it doesn’t need much looking after. It immediately becomes an integral part of your processes: an everyday part of your system that makes sure you’re getting optimum yields while operating efficiently and keeping waste to a minimum. And, it helps you maintain a tidy, and most importantly safe, working environment.

The HPS piggable Rotomatrix. What’s not to love!

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