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The Benefits of Automatrix Liquid Transfer Technology

The most advanced what? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?automatrix liquid transfer hps

But, if you transfer liquids from multiple sources to multiple destinations, and you want to do it safely, reliably, hygienically, quickly, efficiently and automatically, then it’s the best product for the job.

So, rather than calling it a “piggable automatic liquid transfer matrix system”, we call it an Automatrix. It’s just easier.

As well as increasing productivity and efficiency, the Automatrix also minimises the chances of connection errors. It cuts the amount of pipework you need, frees up space and helps you get rid of hoses. It also speeds up changeover times, reduces losses, water and labour. And, it lowers contamination and cross-contamination risks. Not to mention massively improving safety.

So What Does An Automatrix Do?

An Automatrix fully automates source and destination selection. It’s used in industrial as well as sanitary applications and is particularly popular with (but by no means restricted to) paints and coatings companies, where sanitary conditions are becoming more of a priority. In fact, its sanitary credentials are so high, it’s even used in dairy applications.

So What Is It?

It’s a block matrix product with no limits (other than space) on the number of sources or destinations it can control. It’s fully piggable a valve array system which is expandable, and available in vertical or horizontal configurations.

HPS can also supply it as a ready-made, bespoke skid, so it’s quick and easy to install, commission and maintain.

Why Is the HPS Automatrix Special?

Unlike other liquid transfer matrices or manifolds, the HPS Automatrix uses specialist, close-fitting valve configurations withautomatrix hps pigging

minimal dead-space or pockets. So, when pigs travel through it, they recover just about all of the product. Other systems often leave significant amounts of product behind, even after pigging, so need long flush outs. But there’s more to it than that.

HPS are the world’s leading specialists in hygienic and process pigging systems. We’ve developed the Automatrix over a number of years and implemented it in companies throughout the world.

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HPS are the world’s leading specialists in industrial, hygienic and process pigging systems and liquid transfer technology. We’ve implemented the HPS Automatrix in a wide variety of companies throughout the world and we’d love to bring the benefits of our technology to your business.

Whatever your requirements, HPS will design an Automatrix that meet your needs.

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