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Some Common Issues and How To Overcome Them.

At a recent tradeshow (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015), engineers and pigging experts from HPS had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people from many different industries. It was a great show with massive interest in pigging and hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery technology.

The vast majority of conversations between HPS representatives and visitors to the show were about adding to, or extending existing pigging systems. There were also many conversations about implementing pigging systems for the first time, as well as the other services HPS provides, such as liquid process system design.

There were, however, a small number of conversations that stuck in everyone’s minds. More than one of the exhibition attendees commented (to paraphrase), “the problem with pigging… is that we tried it but couldn’t get it to work”. There were different reasons given for not being able to get their systems to work, including not being able to get the operators to use the system, pigs getting stuck, and an assumption that pigs can’t go around bends.

Experienced Solutions Providers

As experienced pigging system designers, these are issues (along with others) that HPS engineers learned to overcome many years ago. Our extensive research and development means that HPS customers have the assurance that the solutions we provide work extremely well. They are effective, reliable, safe, and can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

But there’s a problem with pigging. The principle of pigging is straightforward, in that, you propel a suitable projectile with an interference fit down a pipe, and as it travels along the pipeline, it removes residual liquid. However, putting this in to practice needs extensive knowledge, skills and expertise.

In other words, to design, manufacture and implement a successful product recovery solution, especially one that recovers up to 99.5% of product and will deliver a rapid return on investment, needs expert help. You need to really know what you’re doing. And that’s where HPS comes in.

Pigging System Experts

HPS Product Recovery Solutions started life in the University of Nottingham, UK, way back in 1995. Since then, the company has steadily refined its pigging products and continuously developed its system designs. Today, HPS provides best practice pigging technology which is the industry benchmark in liquid product recovery.

The company has also grown progressively, and today has thousands of customers throughout the world. It now has offices in the US, Australia, and the Far East, as well as a main production facility in the UK. The unique, innovative, bi-directional, fully detectable, FDA approved hygienic pig works with almost any liquid and is the benchmark of the industry.

Getting Pigging Right

So, how would HPS overcome the concerns raised by the exhibition attendees that couldn’t get pigging to work?

Firstly, getting operators to use the system usually comes down to making sure the system is easy to operate and designed with user needs in mind. It’s also important to ensure that everyone that uses the system is suitably trained. That’s why HPS provides full operator training. This not only shows the users how to operate the system correctly, but also ensures they understand what it does, how it works, and why it’s used.

As for pigs getting stuck, that’s not an issue with HPS systems. If a pig fails to reach its destination, it usually comes down to loss of pressure, a pipeline fault or an obstruction. However, with a properly designed and maintained system, this rarely, if ever happens.

Finally, it’s an unfortunate misconception that pigs can’t negotiate bends. HPS pigs are flexible and can go around 1.5 D bends, while still maintaining a strong interference fit and removing product.

The Other Problem with Pigging?

Certainly one of the problems that can hinder projects is the myths about pigging. If you’re not sure about what’s true and what is a possible myth, please read our “Myths About Pigging and Product Recovery Systems”. It’s important not to let any of these myths get in your way.

Trusted Throughout the World

problem solved

If you work with HPS, you have the assurance that organisations large as small, including multinational organisations such as P & G, Unilever, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Mars, Boots and many others use our systems every day.

Organisations throughout the world trust HPS Product Recovery Solutions. Pigging isn’t a problem, it’s a great solution!

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