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Fun Facts about HPS Product Recovery Solutions

From being big on sustainability to our obsession with product recovery (‘pigging’) solutions, here are five things we’re guessing you probably didn’t know about us (HPS Product Recovery Solutions).

1. We Have Thousands of Customers, In Many Different Countries and Industries

We have more than two decades of experience in product recovery systems and liquid transfer solutions. We’re internationally renowned for providing high-quality pigging solutions, products and services, combined with our dedication to customer care, support and innovation.

So, as you can imagine we have gathered quite a few customers over the years. In fact, we have hundreds of customers in many different countries: from the UK, the US and Australia to France, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, and loads more! We also have customers across many different industries.

These include food and beverage, chocolate, confectionery, cosmetics, personal care, pet food and paint processing industries.

2. We Love Customer Feedback

As well as providing high-quality product recovery and pigging solutions, we also provide our customers with excellent pigging system design, engineering, implementation, installation, software, commissioning and after-sales support. Ensuring that we deliver high levels of customer care is extremely important to us. That’s why we love it when we receive feedback!

Our dedicated sales and customer care teams regularly talk to our customers. We also send out a survey after a project has been completed or we’ve delivered spare parts. This gives us an opportunity to listen to our customers and take on board all feedback, comments and suggestions.

3. We’re Big on Sustainability 

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business and is embedded in everything we do.

Our products help our customers reduce their impact on the environment by saving water, energy and resources and reducing waste. However,  it’s also important that as a business we do things as well to maintain and improve our own environmental sustainability.

For example, we are ISO 14001 certified and reduce, reuse and recycle where we can. We are also constantly looking at ways to make the HPS offices more energy efficient and regularly work with other organisations and interested parties on environmental sustainability.

Here’s more about HPS’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability. 

4. We Love Pigging (To the Point of Obsession!)

Our obsession with pigging partly comes down to the benefits it offers to companies that process liquids.

Some of the benefits of pigging include increasing yields, reducing waste, speeding up changeovers and improving environmental sustainability. HPS pigging solutions also give our customers high ROI and increases their profits. As an example, a pigging system we implemented for a soft drinks customer is saving them roughly $31,500 US dollars a day. At the same time, another customer is saving $500,000 US dollars each and every year with an HPS pigging system.

We also love pigging because the technology is relatively easy to install and results in minimal downtime to operations.

5. We Have Lots of History 

We were established in 1995, so we’ve been around for a long time. HPS initially started operating from a garage, before moving to more appropriate premises at Nottingham’s Science and Technology Park.

However, due to increasing demand for our pigging products, services and equipment, it wasn’t long before we outgrew the premises we had.

23 years later, HPS head office resides in much larger premises in Nottingham UK. HPS also has offices in the US and Australia and a network of partners and agents throughout the world. In fact, we’ve just appointed new agents for Brazil, Mexico and India with further plans to expand our coverage to an even wider audience throughout the world.

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