How Pigs Are Propelled Through Pipes

Video Demonstrating Air Pigging and Product Push Pigging

The video shows some of the different ways to propel the hygienic pig. It shows two types of pigging system demonstrations being carried out: pigging with compressed air and pigging with another product.

The video also contains subtitles, so you can see exactly what is happening at each stage of the cycle.

Although compressed air and the next product are the focus of this video and are used to propel the pig, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water can also be used.

What the Pigging Video Shows – Air Pigging

The demonstration system featured in the video is an Automatic Single-Pig Product Recovery (Pigging) System. Because it’s for demonstration purposes, it’s a loop system which sends and returns the product to the same storage tanks.

In the first video clip, the cycle begins with the operator using the HMI system to start the product transfer sequence. Blue demonstration liquid with medium viscosity can then be seen leaving the storage tank and filling the line of the product. The operator then uses the HMI control to begin the pigging sequence. The pig then recovers the product from the pipeline. Blink and you’ll miss it – it’s that quick!

At the end of the cycle, the pig (propelled by compressed air) automatically returns to its housing. We’ve also included a slow-motion clip of the pig recovering the blue demonstration liquid, so you can see how clear the line is. That’s because of the high performance of HPS pigs – they typically recover 99.5% of product.

What the Pigging Video Shows – Product Push Pigging

In the second video clip, the operator again uses the control software (HMI system) to begin the product transfer sequence. Once the blue demonstration liquid fills the line, the HPS pig (pushed by the next product), recovers the blue liquid from the pipeline. We’ve also included slow-motion of the yellow demonstration liquid propelling the pig. Look out for the clear separation between the two products! There’s no noticeable product bypass, again because of the high performance of HPS pigs, typically recovering 99.5% of product.

At the end of the cycle, air automatically pushes the pig back to its housing. As it returns, the pig recovers the yellow liquid from the line which is also returned to the storage tank.

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