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Webinar on Alcoholic Beverages

Do you work for a company that manufactures alcoholic beverages such as wine, gin, whisky, vodka, beer, and so on? Or maybe even low-alcohol or alcohol free drinks? Or perhaps you’ve just got an interest in all thing’s alcoholic beverages? Then we have some interesting news for you……

HPS – Product Recovery Solutions, along with Cargill and iTi Tropicals, Inc. is sponsoring a webinar on 13th April at 2:00 PM EDT. The webinar has been put together by trade publication Beverage Industry Magazine. It will feature lots of interesting and useful industry information and insights, so this is certainly not one to miss!

What’s the Webinar About?

As you’ve probably guessed the webinar is about alcoholic beverages. So, what’s not to love?

Consumers are migrating from beer to premium spirits as well as an increasing array of healthier alcohol options. And despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to plague the industry, retail sales of alcoholic beverages continue to rise.

In the exclusive webinar ‘2022 State of the Industry – Alcoholic Beverages’, analysts at Beverage Marketing Corporation will discuss alcoholic beverages and what is fuelling the growth of the sector. They’ll also provide insights into the challenges that lie ahead for the industry.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn lots about the alcoholic beverage industry such as:

    • What shifts took place in the alcoholic beverages sphere
    • What impact the beyond beer segment is having on the category
    • How the low and no alcohol trend in the alcoholic beverages sector is shaking up the landscape
    • A focus on eCommerce solutions. This saw massive growth during the pandemic, but will this trend continue?
    • Plus, lots more

Importantly, this webinar will keep you up-to-date and knowledgeable on topics which cover all aspects of alcoholic beverages.

So, make sure you register for the webinar.

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And you’ll be pleased to hear that if you can’t attend the webinar, it will be available on-demand too.

Pigging Systems for Beverages

If you didn’t already know, HPS specialise in product recovery and pigging systems for beverages.

Our solutions are used with an extensive range of products. This includes alcoholic beverages such as wines, spirits, rum, beer, cider and whisky, ingredients such as pulps, musts, and sugar syrups as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, juices, and so on.

From reducing waste, and speeding up changeover times, to improving yields, and decreasing the risks of product cross-contamination, the benefits of pigging systems for beverage processing and production are extensive. That’s why pigging systems are in wide use by beverage companies. And their use is increasing.

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