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Decrease Contamination Risks, Increase Yields, and Maximise Revenue

Pet food is consumed by millions of beloved household animals. It also comes into close proximity with their owners. So, making sure that pet food products are as safe as they can be is extremely important.

Manufacturers of pet food understand the importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene to reduce the risk of contamination and cross-contamination of products.

But that doesn’t mean that manufacturers of pet food need to miss out on ways to increase their yields and maximise their profits without compromising quality.

This is where HPS liquid product recovery (pigging) technology comes in.

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Decreased Contamination Risks

We know that manufacturers do everything they can to minimise the risk of contamination. This may include measures such as extensive chemical flushing, which can quickly become costly.

HPS pigging systems are an effective pipeline cleaning technology that works by pushing the product to the end of the line using a specialist projectile (the ‘pig’). The HPS pig has a high recovery rate of up to 99.5% of product from pipelines, meaning that there is minimal product left in the line to be flushed out.

In regard to reducing contamination risks, the key benefit of having almost all product removed from the line is that there is almost no product left behind. CIP procedures then become quicker, more effective and efficient as the need for extensive flushing to ensure that no product is left in the line is negated.

Sanitisation of pipelines then requires a reduced amount of cleaning agents – some companies will precisely measure the exact quantity of cleaning agents that they require to optimise resource use.

The HPS pig is also designed to reduce the risk of contamination. Other pigs tend to be highly profiled, and product can be trapped in the pockets or between the fins of the pigs. The HPS pig has a unique, cylindrical design with no pockets or blades, giving full body contact throughout the pigging process (even around bends as sharp as 1.5D). This means that the product can’t be trapped on the pig.

Increased Yields

There are many more benefits of pigging. The most important one is that yields will increase.

By pushing the product that gets left in the line to its destination, manufacturers will be able to increase the quantity of product that they make. HPS pigging systems can recover up to 99.5% of the product from the pipeline.

HPS pigging systems are designed to be hygienic and can be cleaned as part of the CIP process. What that means for manufacturers is that the product recovered is suitable for further processing and packaging.

Less Wasted Pet Food mean Less Treatment Costs

By using HPS pigging systems for pet food to recover product, not only does it give a high ROI through increased yields and capacity, but it also means there’s less pet food waste and effluent to dispose of.

Pet food effluent can rarely be discarded to waste or into domestic drains. It needs to be properly treated, stored, transported and disposed of. This is expensive and uses a lot of resources, so the best idea for pet food manufacturers is to create less waste in the first place – which pigging helps with significantly.

Maximised Revenue

By increasing yield companies can maximise their revenue. Not only does pigging increase the quantity of sellable products available, but it also results in:

  • Increased capacity.
  • Decreased effluent-related costs.
  • Optimal use of ingredients and raw materials.
  • Decreased spending on energy and cleaning agents.
  • Less production downtime.

For companies that use expensive raw ingredients or materials, or those that use large quantities of cleaning agents, the pigging system savings can be significant.

Companies that have lengthy changeover processes will be able to decrease their production downtime by using HPS pigging systems, allowing them to optimise labour costs and increase capacity.

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