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7 Reasons HPS Customer Care is Unmatched (well, we think so anyway!)

Posted in on 15th February 2017

We’re a Customer Focused Pigging Solutions Provider Along with high quality pigging products, delivering great customer service is built into the very bones of our business.  Everything we do is driven by our desire to deliver unparalleled customer service. We adopt an open and communicative approach, with our dedicated customer service team in regular contact

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cat pet food production

Ensuring Pet Food Safety in a Booming Market

Posted in on 9th February 2017

Booming Pet Food Industry Pets are considered an integral part of many families and households. Globally, it is estimated that more than half of consumers have a pet in their home. What’s more, dogs and cats continue to be the most popular pet choice. With an estimated 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats in

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Portable pigging system

Portable Pigging Systems – Fulfilling Customer Requirements

Posted in on 1st February 2017

Improving Yield and Operational Efficiency Pigging technology is one of the most effective methods of recovering residual product in process system pipelines. Instead of being sent to drain or to disposal, the product can continue to be processed, stored or packaged. Because of its effectiveness and operational efficiency, pigging systems can be found in many

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