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Case Study – Unilever

Unilever, Leeds, UK 

About Unilever

The Unilever Leeds site is the largest manufacturer of deodorants in Europe, producing close to a billion deodorants a year.

With a large portfolio of over 400 brands, including Dove, Axe, and Vaseline, Unilever are at the forefront of personal care manufacturing.

Demonstrating their company’s commitment to reducing waste, Unilever Leeds approached HPS in 2010 with the goal of introducing HPS Advanced Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Technology into their operations.

System Overview

HPS worked closely with Unilever in Leeds to develop a system to remove product left in a pipeline after transfer. The system also prevents trace product being left in the line and so avoiding contamination of the following product. The products in these systems are a combination of different deodorants and antiperspirants.

The solution HPS provided for Unilever consists of a Skid that includes the pigging and process equipment, which included pumps and filters.  Following the success of the first few systems, HPS provided numerous additional versions as and when required by Unilever.

Feedback and Results

Unilever soon saw tangible benefits of the systems provided by HPS, including significantly reduced changeover times and improved product separation.