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In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, personal care manufacturers are continuously looking for innovative solutions that not only streamline production processes but also deliver substantial financial returns.

Liquid product recovery (“pigging”) systems, recognised for their efficiency and waste reduction capabilities, have emerged as invaluable assets in this pursuit.

Pigging systems designed for personal care and cosmetics products offer an array of advantages. Among their many advantages, they excel in boosting operational efficiency and driving substantial financial gains.

This blog delves into the cost-saving benefits and return on investment (ROI) associated with integrating pigging systems in personal care manufacturing processes.

For those unfamiliar with pigging systems and interested in understanding what they are and how they work, this resource—’What is Pigging and How It Works‘—provides valuable insights into this innovative technology.

Pigging Increases Yield and Reduces Waste

Pigging systems recover residual product from process pipelines that would otherwise go to waste. So, instead of being flushed away, sent to waste collection areas, or on for treatment, pigging enables you to continue to process, use, package, store or and sell your perfectly good product.

Whether this be lotions, creams, shampoos, moisturisers, or any other liquid-based personal care item, pigging systems reclaim or utilise significant amounts of product from pipelines.

This not only increases yields and prevents unnecessary waste, but it contributes to greater profitability for manufacturers, making pigging a must-have investment in personal care manufacturing.

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Quantifying the Impact: Efficiency Gains and Operational Benefits of Pigging Systems

Pigging systems don’t just save product from being wasted; they also significantly enhance operational efficiency in personal care manufacturing. By reclaiming practically all the product from the pipeline, pigging minimises product losses while maximising production output.

Efficiency is a critical aspect of any manufacturing business, and the personal care industry is no exception.

Pigging systems streamline the production process by efficiently reclaiming the residual liquid, minimising downtime associated with cleaning and decreasing the need for excessive flushing.

Improving efficiency by pigging translates into cost savings, improved resource utilisation, and increased flexibility. Ultimately, it allows manufacturers to streamline their processes resulting in high-quality products, minimised waste, and enhanced overall productivity.

Reduced Downtime and Labour Requirements

Beyond its primary benefits, implementing pigging systems into manufacturing processes brings forth a diverse array of additional benefits.

HPS pigging systems reduce production downtime, by facilitating quick changeovers between different products or batches. This streamlined operation minimises idle periods which are typically required for cleaning and changeovers, therefore optimising production efficiency.

In addition, because HPS advanced liquid product recovery systems are nearly always fully automated, they significantly reduce labour requirements. So, by eliminating the need for extensive manual intervention, manufacturers not only benefit from redirecting their efforts towards more productive and value-driven tasks, but this also translates into cost savings.

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Environmental Impact and Sustainability

In addition to the financial benefits, pigging systems offer significant environmental benefits.

By minimising waste, decreasing water and cleaning fluid usage, reducing power consumption, and enhancing overall process efficiency, pigging systems not only translate into financial savings but also align with environmental sustainability goals.

Moreover, the environmental benefits of pigging extend beyond the immediate reductions. Pigging influences various crucial realms beyond a business. This includes a decline in transportation requirements, decreased strain on roads, decreased exhaust emissions, and a decline in congestion – direct outcomes of waste reduction.

The Initial Investment: Implementing Pigging Systems for Personal Care

Pigging systems represent an initial investment for personal care manufacturers.

HPS designs every system we provide around the exact needs and requirements of each customer. However, typical components of a pigging system include elements such as the pig, pig detector, specialised valves, pig housing, launch and return stations, and automated control software.

There’s also a range of services to consider which are usually included within the initial investment. This may include installation, programming, sequencing, and sometimes integrating with existing software.

What’s more, services extend to providing spare part kits, training, and much more.

We’ve detailed these costs in-depth in our comprehensive article — ‘How much does a pigging system cost?‘ — so make sure you check it out.

hps pigging system launch receive and return stations

High Return on Investment and Payback

While the initial cost may appear substantial, the subsequent benefits in terms of improved efficiency, productivity, sustainability, and returns will quickly outweigh the initial investment.

Personal care manufacturers often witness a fast return on investment and quick payback. Usually, the cost of the pigging and installation is recouped within 6 to 12 months.

The rapid payback and high product recovery system ROI further underscore the substantial financial benefits derived from integrating pigging systems into manufacturing operations.

Implementing Pigging Systems: Challenges and Considerations

While pigging systems yield significant cost-saving benefits and impressive returns on investment, it’s crucial to address the challenges and considerations involved in their implementation.

Choosing a process pigging company with advanced technology and expertise is essential for successful pigging system implementation.

In addition, it’s crucial to partner with a pigging provider not only capable of delivering tailored solutions that align with your specific needs but also ensures seamless integration with your existing processes.

Moreover, an experienced and customer-centric provider provides comprehensive support, including training, maintenance, ongoing assistance, and customer care, ensuring smooth operations post-commissioning.

Working closely with a hygienic and sanitary pipeline product recovery specialist guarantees precise alignment of the equipment with your manufacturing processes. This approach not only boosts operational efficiency but also maximises ROI, establishing the invaluable role of pigging technology in the personal care manufacturing sector.

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Find Out More

To discover more about the support HPS offers post-commissioning, make sure you check out our article/page – “How HPS Supports You Post-Pigging System Implementation”.

Implementing a pigging system into personal care processing and production marks a significant stride towards efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

From reclaiming valuable product to streamlining operations and contributing to environmental conservation, HPS pigging systems drive substantial financial gains.

For more information about improving your personal care processing using high-tech, modern pigging solutions, then please contact HPS!

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