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Working Out a Budget for your Pigging Project

Pigging systems deliver rapid payback and high return on investment. But there’s no getting away from it. Like all industrial equipment and process improvement projects, price plays an important role. It not only influences the type of pigging system you choose, it also plays a part in deciding things like the level of control and automation. Budget availability may also dictate the timing of the project and when it will go ahead.

This article looks at pigging system pricing and some of the factors involved in working out the cost of a pigging system (and if you’re not sure what it is, here’s an explanation of how pigging works).

Price of a Pigging System

It would be great if we were able to provide a standard price list for each type of pigging system. For example, an ‘off the shelf’ price for a single-pig system, then a price for a double-pig system, tank drop off, and either manual, semi or fully automated and so on. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible.process pigging high ROI

The reason we can’t provide a standard pricing schedule for the cost of the different types of pigging system? Quite simply, there’s no such thing as a standard pigging system!

We design and develop every solution around the needs and requirements of each client. This is important to ensure that each one of our customers gets the very best solution. And because it is extremely rare to have to identical processes, it’s also extremely rare to have two identical pigging systems.

How We Work Out Pigging System Price?

So how do we work out how much a pigging system costs? There’s actually quite a lot to consider, and much of it comes down to experience. Remember, HPS has designed, implemented and commissioned literally hundreds of pigging systems throughout the world. We’ve been doing it since 1995 (and to be honest, we’ve lost count of the exact number of systems we’ve implemented!).

Because we design each solution around the specific needs of each customer, the pigging products, services and equipment we supply to each customer is also different. However, the equipment typically used to make up a pigging solution will include various types of valves and fittings, launch and receive stations, gauges, propellant supplies, PLCs, HMIs, pig detectors, solenoids, safety features as well as the actual pig or pigs themselves and often other components. It’s quite a lot of kit! There’s also the range of services we may provide, such as installation, programming, sequencing, and sometimes integrating with existing software. We may provide other services as well, such as spare part kits, training, documentation and commissioning.

How to Get a Quote

The best way to find out how much a pigging systems costs is to get a pigging system quote. And the best way to get a pigging system quote is to use our get a quote form. If you complete as much detail as possible we will work out a quote and cost estimate for you. Or if you prefer just send us an email or call your local HPS office for a chat.

Please note your pigging system price quotation will be worked out by our engineers. Working out how much a pigging system will cost is not something that’s readily automated or easy to do for non-experienced or non-technical people. Either way, when you’ve submitted your form we will provide you with detailed pigging project prices, or if you prefer some budgetary information so you have an idea of costs for planning purposes.

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High Return on Investment

Pigging systems deliver a variety of benefits. However, one of the biggest has to be the high return on investment (ROI) due to product reclamation and waste reduction.

Different people and different businesses calculate ROI in different ways. But to get a good idea of the ROI you are likely to gain, here’s a previous post which looks at how to calculate the return on investment from a pigging system. We also have a handy pigging system savings calculator which will quickly give you an estimate of how much a pigging system could save your business based on the value of product you will recover when you pig your system.

Short Payback Period

With regards to payback, analysis of our systems in various different factories shows that they usually pay for themselves in less than a year, often in just a few months. Precisely how fast payback will be depends on the value of your product and how much of it you were wasting before you deployed a pigging system. And of course, there are the other factors to take in to consideration. These include savings by reducing run off at the start of transfer, lower waste handling and disposal costs, faster changeovers, less energy usage and so on.

Importance of Commissioning

Please note that if you install the equipment yourself or have it installed by a contractor, HPS will commission the system for you. This is to make sure everything works as it should and functions safely and effectively. We will never leave you with a system that doesn’t work as it is meant to. Similarly, and importantly, we will never leave you with a system that isn’t up to our high safety standards.

Warranties, Service Plans and Guaranties

Whichever company you get a pigging system quote from, make sure it is backed up by suitable guarantees and warranties. At a minimum, these should cover defects due to faulty materials or workmanship and last at least a year. In addition, it’s also worth getting a minimum usage guarantee on your pig (or pigs).

HPS pigs are extremely robust and typically guaranteed for 30 000 metres or 18 miles of use (depending on the applications). That’s something that’s unlikely to be matched by any other type of pig. For many customers, we can also offer Pig Usage Advisory Software. This tells your operators when your pig is coming towards the end of its recommended working life.

As well as providing robust warranties and guarantees, if you choose HPS as your pigging provider you also have the assurance that we only provide proven solutions and deliver the best customer care and aftersales support in the industry! We can also offer scheduled service plans tailored to your requirements.

HPS pigging system service plan

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HPS works in a wide range of industries with a wide range of products. These include paints, coatings, solvents, foods, confectionery, chocolate, beverages, household, homecare and personal care products, pet foods and many others.

We have an exceptionally skilled team of engineers covering project management, mechanical and electrical design, control software engineering, commissioning and training. We select the team to deliver your project based on relevant experience and knowledge to ensure success.

HPS are the world’s leading specialists in industrial, hygienic (sanitary) and process pigging. For further information about how much an HPS pigging system will cost for your business, including detailed pig system ROI and payback, please get in touch.

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