Innovate: to make changes in something established by introducing a new method or idea.

Innovation and innovative actions are key to progress, especially in competitive sectors such as engineering and manufacturing.

HPS pigging systems are innovative in two ways:

  1. In how they’re designed, and
  2. In how they will change your processes.


If you’ve seen a liquid product recovery (pigging) system before or if you’ve been researching pigging systems, then you’ve probably noticed that the projectiles (pipeline pigs) come in various shapes and profiles. The HPS pig is innovative because it has a unique shape and profile, and because of the results it delivers.

There are no fins on the HPS pig, the magnetic core is flexible, and it’s cylindrical in shape.

pigging system pig


Designed specifically for use in hygienic applications, and the cylinder body with tapered ends provides optimal results. It maintains full body contact throughout the pigging process.

The HPS pig has been designed this way to enable the highest product recovery rate possible. The finless design means that there are no pockets, gaps, or spaces between fins for product to get stuck in, maximising product recovery rates and reducing the risk of contamination.

The HPS pig is also bi-directional and has a special surface profile. All these features combined means that the HPS pig can recover up to 99.5% of product from full pipelines. One of our clients save 1,120,000 500ml bottles of product every year!


The flexible magnetic core of the HPS pig is also unique and has been developed with safety in mind. There are dangers associated with pigs that have solid magnets. There is possibility for employees to be injured due to magnets breaking loose from the casing and going through the pipe wall or the solid magnet can shatter inside the pipeline and contaminate product.

Accidents like these would probably happen on pipe bends, where the magnet can’t adjust to the change of direction quick enough. The velocity at which the pig travels means that employees in the area at a risk of serious bodily injury if the magnet penetrates the pipe wall. Providing safe systems is incredibly important to HPS. Here’s a video on the safety features of HPS pigging systems.

The HPS pig’s flexible magnet core means that when it goes round the bend its able to flex with the bend. This reduces the risk of the pig penetrating the pipeline wall significantly – in 28 years, we have had no recorded incidents of this happening.

There are other downsides to pigs with solid magnets: if they pierce the pipeline wall then product is lost, and production goes down until the line is fixed. The inability to flex with the bends means that product recovery is not at the maximum rate.

With the HPS pig, these problems are minimised. The silicone design of the pig renders penetration of stainless steel pipes impossible and the ability to flex means that the pig maintains full-body contact with the pipe wall, resulting in maximum product recovery, even around bends.

Read some pipeline pigging case studies to find out how HPS advanced technology helps companies.


Pigging is an innovative method for liquid process companies to increase their product yields, profits, and plant capacity.

HPS pigging technology has a significant impact on how efficient changeover procedures are by recovering product from the pipeline before CIP processes take place. The HPS pig’s ability to remove up to 99.5% of product from full pipelines means that the quantity of water (if applicable) and chemicals used during flushes will be decreased.

This means that changeovers, which can take hours or even days when using traditional methods, are much quicker. Although pigging doesn’t remove the need for CIP procedures and sanitisation, it does enable production to get back up and running faster. Decreased production downtime and increased employee productivity all lead to better profits.

It’s simple maths: the more product you can sell, not waste, and the higher your company’s revenue stream.

There are many more benefits of product recovery systems, including increased sustainability, a high ROI and rapid payback period, and a dedicated customer service team.


HPS has over 28 years of experience in designing and commissioning hygienic and sanitary product recovery systems for the liquid process industry.

We work with a wide variety of industries, from food and beverages to paints and lubricants to personal and homecare. We understand how each process is unique, which is why no two HPS pigging systems are the same. We custom design your systems to suit your exact needs and requirements.

For more information on the benefits pigging could bring to your organisation, including detailed pigging system payback and ROI calculations, please get in touch with the experts.

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