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Pigging and Liquid Transfer for Paints, Coatings, Chemicals – Whitepaper

We’ve recently released a guide to liquid product recovery (‘pigging’) and liquid transfer technology for paints, coatings and chemical applications.

The guide provides an overview of pigging, including how it works, the benefits, types of pigging system plus more. It also looks at the different types of liquid transfer solutions and contains information about pigging paint whitepaper coverplanning your pigging or liquid transfer project.

So, if you process paints, coatings or chemicals, then make sure you download our free guide today!

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What is Pigging?

Hygienic (or sanitary) pigging systems recover product from pipelines. If it wasn’t for pigging, this product would go to waste.

Pigging systems work by propelling a specialist projectile (the ‘pig’) through pipelines. Due to the unique design of the HPS pipeline pig, it achieves full body contact with the pipeline wall, even when travelling around bends.

This enables the pig to push out practically all of the product to its destination. Typically, for paint, coatings and chemical applications, recovery rates are up to 99.8%.

Why Paints, Coatings and Chemicals Companies are Pigging?

Pigging systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in paints, coatings and chemicals plants throughout the world. This is often due to restrictions on the use of biocides, which has resulted in paint companies turning to hygienic pigging to improve hygiene, reduce the risks of spoilage and minimise contamination, as well as for product recovery.

Many paints, coatings and chemicals companies are also implementing pigging technology to help them reduce cleaning times, improve efficiency, minimise solvent usage and reduce waste processing from cleaning operations.

And because these companies often pump many different formulations and configurations of product, they are deploying pigging systems as the technology enables multiple products to use the same line. This reduces their number of dedicated lines.

Why Paint, Coatings and Chemical Companies Implementing Liquid Transfer Technology?

As well as pigging, many paints, coatings and chemicals manufacturers are realising the benefits of HPS liquid transfer technology.

As the guide mentions, there are different types of liquid transfer solutions, including the HPS Automatrix and the Rotomatrix.

In particular, the HPS Automatrix is seeing a surge of interest in the paints and coatings industry. This is because the Automatrix reduces manual selection procedures, speeds up changeover times, reduces labour requirements and frees up space. And, because the system is fully automatic, it significantly improves safety.

More Industry-Specific Guides to Product Recovery Available

As well as helping paints, coatings and chemicals companies improve their productivity, efficiency, sustainability and profits through pipeline pigging and liquid transfer, HPS also work with a wide variety of other industries.

These industries include food, beverages, confectionery, homecare, cosmetics, personal care, pet food, plus many more.

So, if you process any of these products, then make sure you take a look at the pigging and product recovery resources page of our website. Here you will find industry-specific guides, which provide insights into how pigging is benefitting these industries.

If you have any requests for future whitepapers, guides, brochures or documents, then please get in touch. We’d loved to hear from you!

Bring the Benefits of Pigging and Liquid Transfer to Your Business

From water-based paints, varnish and silicone emulsions to oil-based paints, coatings and polymers, HPS have installed thousands of pigging and liquid transfer solutions throughout the world.

These include systems for smaller independent businesses as well as large multinational companies such as AkzoNobel, Kelly-Moore Paints, Croda, Benjamin Moore Paints, PPG, plus many more.

So, if you process paints, coatings or chemicals, and want to know more about pigging and liquid transfer technology, then make sure you download our free guide today!

Alternatively, if you wish to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members about bringing the benefits of pigging and liquid transfer technology to your business, please get in touch.
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