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Many of you will know that HPS are trusted experts in hygienic, sanitary and process product recovery (‘pigging’) systems. From single-pig pigging systems to double-pig and tank drop off solutions, HPS product recovery solutions are in wide use by liquid processing industries throughout the world.

However, another key speciality of ours (which we don’t shout about as much for some reason!) is our custom designed liquid distribution and transfer matrices or manifolds.

This blog article focuses on HPS’s liquid transfer solutions, including the ‘Piggable Automatic Liquid Transfer Matrix System (Automatrix)’ and the ‘Piggable Rotomatrix’. It includes what they are, what they do, their benefits plus more.

Will You Benefit from an HPS Liquid Transfer Solutions

If your process system has multiple sources and multiple destinations, then it’s highly likely that you’ll benefit from an HPS liquid transfer solution. However, which solution is for you and will reap the maximum benefits: the Automatrix or the Rotomatrix?vertical automatrix liquid transfer

We’ll start by focusing on the Automatrix or to be exact the Piggable Automatic Liquid Transfer Matrix System. As the name implies, the system is fully automatic and is predominately associated with industrial as well as sanitary applications including paint and coatings, wine transfer and bottling and dairy.

However, it’s not limited to these, and we are finding new applications for the technology all the time. Generally, if you transfer liquids from multiple sources to multiple destinations and are looking for a way to do this as efficiently, safely, hygienically and automatically as possible, then the HPS Automatrix is for you.

The ‘Piggable Automatic Liquid Transfer Matrix System – What Exactly Is It?

The HPS piggable Automatrix is a block matrix, which is used to meet the requirements of processing companies with multiple sources and multiple destinations.

Also known as valve array or valve matrix system, the technology enables full path selection and pigging flexibility and fully automates source and destination selection.

It can be designed in vertical and horizontal configurations as well as a portable, custom designed skid. There’s also no limit on the number of sources and destinations. You can have as many as you require.

How the Automatrix Differs from Other Valve Manifolds?

horizontal automatrix liquid transfer

The key differentiator of the HPS Automatrix is that it uses specialist, close-fitting valve configurations with minimal dead-space or pockets. This means the HPS pipeline pig can efficiently travel through it while recovering practically all the product.

In comparison, other valve manifold systems contain internal dead space and pockets. These can be problematic as they fill with product and cannot be pigged.

In addition, in areas that can be pigged, they cannot match the recovery rates and performance of HPS technology.

The Benefits of HPS Automatrix Liquid Transfer Technology

The HPS Automatrix system has many benefits. For example, the technology is easy to install, maintain and operators will be able to use it trouble-free. The design of the Automatrix system reduces the amount of pipeline required, which frees up space and helps you get rid of hoses.

The HPS Automatrix also improves productivity and efficiency, enhances safety and reduces the chances of connection errors. Because it’s incorporates pigging, the system recovers most of the liquid, therefore increasing yields, reducing waste, minimising water consumption while speeding up changeover times. Contamination and cross-contamination risks are also greatly reduced with HPS Automatrix technology.

The Piggable Rotomatrix – What is It?

Another liquid distribution solution we offer is the piggable Rotomatrix system. This is a manifold which uses a compact set of rotating arms and is used in processes ranging from wine to bottling plants, and from cosmetics to personal care, to pet food and paints.

As with all our solutions, the Rotomatrix is completely bespoke and designed around the precise needs and requirements of each customer.

The HPS Rotomatrix is a manual system which offers fully flexible product distribution. And because the system doesn’t have any valves, pockets and dead space, this enables full product recovery from any source to any destination. The lack of valves also keeps costs to a minimum and provides a high return on investment.

Rotomatrix Incorporates Pigging

rotomatrix liquid transferThe manifold is manufactured using hygienic tube and each arm has a launcher directly after the pump. Each destination has a Pig Receive / Return Station.

Because it incorporates pigging, HPS Rotomatrix technology significantly increases product yields, minimises wastage, speeds up processing and uses fewer resources, cleaning chemicals and water. In this way, the Rotomatrix helps businesses lower their costs and improve their productivity, efficiency, sustainability and profits.

Benefits of the HPS Rotomatrix System

piggable rotomatrixDue to the Rotomatrix featuring a compact set of rotating arms which connect different sources to different destinations and uses software interlocking, this reduces the chances of sending product to the wrong destination. So, if an error does occur, for instance, if an arm is incorrectly connected, the Rotomatrix will not allow the transfer of product.

The use of rotating arms also helps reduce the number of dedicated lines and the number of hoses. This, in turn, reduces potential trip hazards and improves safety. Due to the flexible and space efficient design of the Rotomatrix system and the lack of dedicated lines, it improves efficiency and boosts profits.


What’s more, the system is simple to use, easy to maintain, operate and requires very little training. This means a low cost of ownership and high return on investment as well as extremely happy system operators.

Peace of Mind with an HPS Solution

Regardless of the solution you choose, whether it’s an HPS Automatrix, Rotomatrix, or even a simple single-pig pigging system, HPS will be with you every step of the way.

From start to finish, our friendly, knowledgeable system experts are on hand to provide high-quality process system design, planning, manufacture, implementation and commissioning.

And once we’ve installed and commissioned your system, you can have peace of mind that our engineers and after sales team are available to support you whenever you need. Here you can find out more about the HPS Difference.

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