minimising risks in your pigging project

Prevalence of Pigging in Hygienic (Sanitary) Product Manufacture

Liquid product recovery, often referred to as pigging, is in wide use in the process industries. It’s common in hygienic (sanitary) product manufacture, including food and beverage production as well as certain types of personal care liquids.

Pigging is also used in manufacturing environments that are increasingly moving towards hygienic production, such as paints and coatings and other industrial liquid production. For example, it’s used by many companies that produce household and home care products, cosmetics and so on.

In other words, from ready meals, chocolates and fines wines, to hand gels, toothpaste, detergents, shaving foams and perfumes, pigging is saving companies product, increasing yields, cutting waste, speeding up changeovers, helping the environment, and increasing overall efficiency. In fact, the benefits of pigging are extensive.

minimising risks in your pigging project


Minimising Project Risk

For companies implementing pigging for the first time, there is, of course, an element of perceived risk. Pigging systems are a capital expenditure which you need to be sure is going to do what you need it to do and pay for itself quickly. You need to ensure that implementation runs smoothly, and downtime is kept to a minimum, that there are no last-minute problems or challenges. When the system is in place, it needs to run reliably, efficiently and effectively for a long time. Plus your staff need to be trained to use and maintain it without affecting productivity.

So, how does HPS minimise, as far as possible, the element of risk for its customers?

High ROI

HPS hygienic and sanitary pigging systems deliver a high return on investment. If you buy a pigging system from HPS, your initial financial outlay will soon be covered by the product savings and increased yield you’ll make, as well as other factors such as less waste transportation costs and more production uptime. In fact, a pigging system usually pays for itself in a few months, and nearly always within a year.

Proven Technology

HPS has been successfully delivering pigging solutions for a long time – for well over 28 years. In this time, we have amassed hundreds of satisfied customers and implemented thousands of systems.  We work with the biggest name brands, as well as smaller size businesses. Our technology is proven and trusted throughout the world. It works extremely well. We simply wouldn’t be in business otherwise.

Ask us what customers we have in your sector that are already benefitting from HPS Technology!

Hygienic Pigging System Design

Nearly all our equipment is designed with hygienic and sanitary conditions in mind. This plays a vital role in ensuring plant safety and reducing contamination risks.HYGIENIC-PIPES-BEVERAGE-PLANT

The pipework and tubes used in an HPS hygienic pigging system are usually made of stainless steel with a highly polished internal finish. This ensures maximum hygienic and sanitary levels of cleanliness. What’s more, HPS pigging systems are fully cleanable-in-place (CIP).

The process pigs are made from high-quality food-grade silicone materials (one of the reasons they’re ‘hygienic’). They typically recover and remove up to 99.5% of product residue from full pipelines in a single run to provide the hygienic conditions required for batch production. So, not only does this reduce contamination risks, but it also speeds up the CIP process, makes cleaning quicker and easier while cutting downtime and boosting productivity.

The high recovery rates of the pig also prevent tainting of the product, which means the product being processed remains in perfect condition and can continue to be processed in the same way as the main bulk of the product.

Comprehensive Solution Delivery

From our initial solution designs to control systems, programming, training, commissioning and start-up support, we provide a comprehensive service to meet your liquid processing needs.

Our comprehensive solutions give peace of mind and are tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of each process, pipeline and organisation.

We have a global presence along with a dedicated team of highly experienced pigging experts. This allows us to deliver the support you need anywhere in the world while delivering projects on time, within budget, to specification and with reduced risk and cost.

Fast, Efficient Spares Service and Expert support

All our pipeline pigging products and equipment are subject to stringent quality control. Not only does this ensure peace of mind, but it guarantees the highest quality products that deliver safety, reliability, and performance.

So, if you need spare parts for your pigging or liquid transfer solutions, you can contact the HPS spares department for a competitive quote, expert support, and fast and efficient service. We carry many items in stock and will ship your spare pigs and other components as quickly as possible.

We strongly recommend that you use genuine HPS spare parts if you have an HPS pigging system. This guarantees optimal efficiency,  prolongs the life of your pigging equipment and reduces the risk of downtime.

HPS pigging efficient spares service

Ongoing Customer Care

As well as providing high-quality and cost-effective pigging system products, HPS are also committed to delivering unrivalled customer care. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do!

In order to make our customers feel valued and supported, they are assigned a dedicated account manager the moment they begin their relationship with HPS. Our account management team provides a single point of contact and is dedicated to ensuring continued satisfaction. They take pride in the close relationships they build with our customers and are on hand to provide help and advice and solve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our dedicated team can arrange system health checks, training for new staff and can advise on preventative maintenance programmes and spare parts. They will check in regularly with you to ensure your system is operating effectively and deal with any queries you may have.

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So, how do you minimise risks in a pigging project? The answer is simple – use HPS!

If you choose HPS as your pigging provider, you can have the assurance that you’re working with a company that is trusted throughout the world. We only provide proven high-quality solutions and deliver the best customer care and aftersales support in the industry! So, you’re in safe hands with HPS.

If you are thinking about pigging and would like to discuss your project with one of our technical experts or arrange an on-site visit, simply contact your local HPS representative, or click the contact link below. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts will provide you with all the information you need to get your process pigging project underway.
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