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Welcome to HPS Pigging – Our New Employees

With many companies choosing to delay or cancel their recruitment and training plans amid the COVID-19 crisis, this hasn’t been the case for HPS. In fact, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently recruited four new members of staff at HPS. They’ve joined out team in the roles of Senior Project Engineer(s), Project Engineer and Sales Engineer.

The new staff are all UK based. Due to the COVID restrictions, induction and training has mainly been carried out remotely. It’s not been without its challenges but it is a credit to all the team that we can bring staff up to speed despite the challenging conditions.

HPS is Growing.

As our pigging and liquid transfer projects keep growing, so do our employees. They each bring a wealth of experience and expertise, which is already proving extremely valuable to HPS.

Our newest recruit, Shaun, who’s our new Sales Engineer, has extensive international experience in the process industries, as well as a broad knowledge of industrial processing equipment.

In addition, recent recruits Cathal, Chris and Vic have a demonstrated history of delivering projects worldwide across multiple sectors in the process industries as well as in-depth knowledge of industrial automation and control system design. This has enabled them to quickly gain a deep understanding of HPS’s technology including our automated pigging solutions.

During this time of unprecedented change due to COVID-19, our new recruits with be instrumental in helping HPS achieve our planned next phase of growth.

Leading Pigging and Liquid Transfer Experts

HPS Product Recovery Solutions are the world’s leading experts in pigging, liquid product recovery, and transfer systems for process industries. Our key industries include food, beverages, confectionery, household liquids, pet food, cosmetics, personal care plus others.

While HPS is a UK pigging company, we also have offices in the USA and Australia as well as an extensive network of agents and partners throughout the world.

Since 1995, our high-performance pigging solutions have been delivering a wide range of benefits to companies that process liquids. This includes increased yields, improved efficiency, and a reduction in waste along with faster changeovers, higher profits, lower carbon footprint, plus much more.

This is through propelling a special projectile, called a ‘pig’, through process pipelines to recover the residual liquid that would otherwise be wasted. HPS pigging systems typically achieve recovery efficiency of up to 99.5% of liquid from full pipelines.

Contact the Experts!

We’re always on the look out for individuals who could make a difference at HPS. If this sounds like you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, to speak to one of our experts about a pigging system or liquid transfer solution designed around the precise requirements of your business, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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