Pigging Automation

Automated Pigging Process Control

Automating your pigging system, no matter how simple or complex, will increase process speed, productivity, and efficiency. It also enhances safety and reduces the chances of human error.

What’s more, HPS closed-loop, fully automatic pigging systems require no manual intervention. This ensures extremely high levels of safety, operational efficiency, and reliability while maintaining the maximum microbiological, hygienic and sanitary levels of cleanliness.

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PROCESS Control and Automation SERVICES

Using our extensive experience and process system knowledge, we’ve developed and written fully flexible, robust, tried and tested pigging control systems and software.

Our controls software programming team can:

  • Write process or automatic pigging control systems and software to any specification
  • Modify existing programs and control systems
  • Integrate new equipment into existing systems
  • Implement program conversions between different PLC types
  • Construct Functional Design Specifications (FDS)
  • Provide displays ranging from a simple HMI to full-scale SCADA systems
  • Assist with just about any process control issue you’re having!

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Automatic pigging systems are proven to elevate process speed, productivity, and efficiency. Additionally, they improve safety while significantly decreasing the risk of human error.

PIGGING SYSTEM automation: increase process speed, enhance safety

Ready to optimise your liquid processing with HPS automated pigging systems? Reach out to HPS today to get started on enhancing process speed, productivity, efficiency, and safety.

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HPS has a team of highly experienced software professionals on hand to deliver your plant PLC and HMI programming needs. We specialise in Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Siemens control equipment, although can provide pigging process control and programming services for most other packages. Our automatic pigging systems are controlled by PLC’s with either HMI or SCADA systems.

Explore our case studies to witness first-hand how our tailored automated solutions have optimised processes across diverse industries, including food, beverages, paint, personal care, and homecare liquids, among others.

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Standalone and Integrated Pigging AUTOMATION

HPS can supply either standalone or integrated pigging process control systems.

Standalone systems have a separate panel, PLC, and HMI from the existing set-up to automatically control the pigging process. Although standalone, we can set up communications to pass data from one PLC to another. We can also hardwire any interlocks or inhibits into the panel.


If there is space in the PLC and HMI for the automatic pigging control system to be integrated into your existing setup, then our engineers will do this if required. We will write the pigging software and then merge the code into your existing project.

Whatever control system you choose, HPS will design and construct any panels you need for your project. We can also supply any smaller junction boxes.