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How a Confectionery Manufacture Increases Yields and Improves Efficiency from Product Recovery

We’ve recently released a new case study on pigging for confectionery production. The case study demonstrates how we provide Log House Foods, a leading baking and bakery products manufacturer, with fully-automatic single-pig tank select pigging systems. These have helped them increase product yields, keep waste to a minimum and improve lot control.

About Log House Foods

Log House Foods is an established family owned and operated business that produces and supplies baking and snack products. The company built a new production facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, to produce white, milk and dark chocolate.Log House Foods

The company approached HPS to discuss using pigging to maximise product yield, increase their manufacturing production capacity while reducing downtime and changeover losses.

Confectionery Pigging Solution

HPS designed, supplied and implemented a bespoke pigging solution tailored to Log House Foods precise needs. This included five-fully-automatic single-pig tank select systems for the company.

To ensure high levels of safety, operational efficiency, and reliability, Log House Foods chose to automate their pigging systems. This is so they could automatically pig both the incoming and outgoing lines.

As well as being easy to use, the pigging systems also had to be able to remove product from inside the pipelines without the need for any additional handling equipment.

What are the Benefits?

As well as increasing yields and minimising waste, HPS systems have also reduced the requirement to flush additional coatings through the line, which saves valuable product. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of cross-contamination during changeovers.

Because the pigging systems prevent considerable product from being left in the pipelines, this improves lot control and stops product from sitting unavailable for long durations.

By choosing to automate their pigging systems, Log House Foods have also improved safety and reduced the chances of human error occurring. What’s more, because pigging saves resources, product and time, this also helps Log House Foods improve their environmental sustainability.

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To view a PDF of this confectionery pigging systems case study click here. Alternatively, you can also find a selection of other pigging system case studies here.

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