CP Kelco pigging system case study


We’ve recently released a new Pigging System Case Study on Food Ingredients Manufacture. The case study details how HPS single-pig pigging systems are helping CP Kelco increase yields, reduce product losses and experiment with different cleaning techniques of the pipeline.

The case study details how HPS single-pig pigging systems are helping CP Kelco increase yields, reduce product losses and experiment with different cleaning techniques of the pipeline.

HPS provided fully automatic pigging systems for nature-based ingredient solutions company CP Kelco at their manufacturing plant in San Diego, California, USA.

And because the system is fully automatic, this ensures maximum levels of safety, operational efficiency, and reliability.


Global Manufacturer of Hydrocolloid Food Ingredients

CP Kelco, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, are a global leader in nature-based ingredient solutions. They have a range of manufacturing, R&D facilities, and offices throughout the world. Their ingredients are found in a wide range of products including food, beverages, personal care, household care and even industrial applications. However, the focus of this case study is on food ingredients manufacture.

The CP Kelco team at San Diego reached out to HPS as they were reinstating an existing pipeline for transfer between different processing areas. The company were familiar with pigging technology as they had used pigging before, although not a system provided by HPS.

CP Kelco wanted to integrate liquid product recovery (pigging) into their process to recover product, instead of sending to waste. Without a pigging system, the company estimated they would lose approximately 1200 gallons of useable product each cycle.

As well as recovering significant amounts of product, it was critical that the system was fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices or “cGMP”.

HPS Pigging and Liquid Product Recovery Solutions

The case study looks at how HPS, that has designed, supplied and implemented literally hundreds of food pigging systems throughout the word, provided CP Kelco with a single-pig pigging system. The innovative and cost-effective solution recovers up to 99.5% of product from pipelines, that would otherwise be sent to waste.

The system is fully automatic which means it increases operational efficiency, improves safety, and minimises the chances of human error by reducing manual intervention. And like all good quality pigging solutions, HPS custom-designed the system around the precise needs and requirements of the customer.

From pigging system design and supply of a system to implementation, commissioning, and after care, HPS provided a full service.

The key components of the pigging solution include the pig, pig detector, specialist valves, pigging control systems and so on. The fast operation of the HPS pigging system, combined with a specially designed process pig, ensure highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective operation.

The fully detectable pig has a slightly larger diameter than the pipeline being pigged. This enables it to push nearly all the product through the pipeline, even when navigating 1.5 D bends.

The Benefits of the Pigging Solution

The HPS custom pigging systems deliver high return on investment (ROI), rapid payback and a wide range of benefits.

Thanks to the new pigging equipment, CP Kelco use nearly all the residual product remaining in the pipes, rather than having to dispose of it. In this way, the HPS pigging system massively increases product yields and reduces product losses. The pigging solution has a typical recovery efficiency of up to 99.5% of product from full pipelines.

What’s more, like all HPS pigging solutions, the system is bi-directional, which is a major advantage in pigging system design and process efficiency. It enables CP Kelco to experiment with different cleaning techniques of the pipelines since they have different utilities present in each of the processing areas.

There are other benefits of pigging for CP Kelco. As well as recovering massive amounts of residual liquid product, the HPS pigging system is extremely flexible and space efficient.

CP Kelco were also extremely happy with the technical support provided by HPS. The team at HPS ensured any issues were resolved quickly and easily and that the system met their exact needs and had flexibility for future potential changes.

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