environmental sustainability and pigging

At the end of 2022 we told you what our resolutions for 2023 are. Firstly, we want to help more companies increase yields, profit, and environmental sustainability through liquid product recovery (pigging). Secondly, we want to improve our own sustainability at the HPS Nottingham office. And lastly, we want to keep on developing our R&D projects.

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Well, here’s what we’ve done so far in 2023.


So far in 2023 we’ve helped over 20 companies begin their journey in pigging.

We’ve had a wide range of enquiries from companies across the globe wanting our help. These companies are looking to benefit from pigging systems by reducing their waste, increasing their profits, and reaching sustainability targets.


We’re looking forward to working towards our Investors in the Environment accreditation and in January we started planning how we are going to improve our own office sustainability.

Our current sustainability actions include a hybrid-working model, an electric car scheme, and a cycle to work scheme. We also try to keep our paper usage to a minimum by requesting invoices electronically and sending shipping documents via email, and we recycle cardboard boxes for packaging needs.

We have started to look at ways of producing and using sustainable energy in our office, upgrading our heating and water to be more eco-friendly, and monitoring our current energy usage to determine where we can improve, amongst many other initiatives!

Read our Environmental Policy to find out more about how we’re improving the HPS Nottingham office.


Our top-secret R&D project is gradually nearing completion – it has now been progressed onto field testing and is performing well. We still can’t tell you what it is, but every day you get closer to knowing!


HPS has over 28 years of experience in liquid product recovery and liquid transfer technology, making us process system experts. Find out more about how we can help you achieve efficient product recovery, increase profits, and improve sustainability.

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